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iip Brothers Aluminum VI

Aluminum VI

Aluminum VI

If your days are long and you spend many hours away from home or the office a battery pack for your iPhone is one of those things you simply must have.  Many of these devices are bulky, heavy and not very attractive.  Some need to be tethered to your phone with a wire which is yet another thing you must carry with you.

iip Brothers Limited have come up with an attractive alternative dongle battery pack known as the Aluminum VI that mirrors the aesthetics of the iPhone and no wires are required.  The product group, 4 Second Life wireless battery packs are made of aluminum and glass and come in the iPhone colors.  It truly looks like an extension of the iPhone itself.

The 1500mAh capacity battery pack charges your iPhone by your command by sliding your finger across the front of the device.  Slide in the opposite direction and charging stops.  The battery is streamline and can easily fit in one’s pocket.

The 4 Second Life models are Aluminum V for iPhone 5, 5s, and Aluminum VI for iPhone 6, 6s. A model for the iPhone 6s+ is coming in March.

Storage will be added to a new model that is expected to be released in March as well which will add storage space in 16, 32 and 64 gig configurations.

We got a demo from iip Brothers at their booth last Wednesday and thought we would share it with our visitors.  Check this out.

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