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IG Liker Is a Free Instagram Auto Liker for Newbies

Instagram Likes

The Problem with Instagram Followers

So why should I follow so many people and still can’t gain followers on my own account? One of the main reasons is that everyone knows how powerful followers are on Instagram. Now let’s be honest the only important metric on Instagram is the number of followers, everything else is not important as follower count. Also what you need to know is the fact that after having a thousand followers the user has to pay money on this service called Instagram ads. But right now nobody pays any money on Instagram ads, also people find Instagram ads annoying but even this is still very useful because they generate free followers for you. Also here we have a problem right now, let’s imagine I have 10000 followers and I can find 10k Instagram Followers for free and choose them.

IG Liker Is the Solution

Is it really that difficult to get new Instagram followers or followers for that matter? When I started my business to be creative, it wasn’t that hard to get followers because it was my first time being on Instagram, but today it is the worst thing you can do as a small business owner because you will spend tons of your time on Instagram instead of working on your business. In fact Instagram today is mainly a marketing tool for small businesses and startups to get bigger and better, since Instagram gets so many new followers; we believe it’s more important than ever to get the right followers on Instagram. So if you are wondering how to get new followers on Instagram, the answer is IG Liker – an Instagram auto liker service that’s 100% free for everyone.

How it Works

While some people get visitors to their profile from people, others have it the other way around. Now it’s a common thing for people to follow another person, but how often do they check this person’s profile? Nowadays people are more interested in how they look and what they are doing on Instagram rather than doing it themselves. That’s the reason they get more followers than their friends. Therefore, for every 1000 people, they will get a follower, while for every 1000 of their friends.

Pros and Cons to using IG Liker

I’m not telling you that your free accounts are worth money and that’s why I’m not telling you what to do, to get paid for your free accounts is something that’s not worth doing, at least not in my opinion, what I can tell you today is that this free Instagram auto liker will be more beneficial for you than to spend time and money on other tricks on the market. When you use IG Liker, you will make a lot of new friends, you will be seeing their Instagram profiles and get inspired by them, your page will be growing very fast you will see a huge increase in followers, people who like your page will be following you, you will be shown off by other Instagram users.


I have mentioned many ways on how to get Instagram followers and I have tested them all but still, Instagram does not reward you with followers, I hope in my next article I’ll explain other ways on how to get free Instagram likes & followers.

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