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iFixit Takes Apart The New 21.5-Inch 4K iMac


iFixt is a repair website which is famous for dissecting electronic gadgets to determine  their repair-ability.

Some time ago, the tear-down experts, iFixit, conducted a teardown of the new Apple devices including the new Magic Trackpad2, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard. iFixit was now able to get it’s hands on the brand new 21.5-inch 4K iMac. It is important to point out that the repair experts at iFixit took apart the updated version which is identified as the same model, A1418, but it has a new EMC number of 2889.

The tear-down reveals that most of the interior is identical to its predecessor but still there are some notable changes.

When iFixt took apart the new 21.5-Inch 4k iMac, it was revealed that like other iMac panels, the new iMac’s 4k display is also manufactured by Apple’s partner LG Display. This latest display is DCI-P3, which features a wider colour spectrum than the standard sRGB. It is also worthy of noting that the new iMac is one of the few devices that allows the users to experience the new display technology.

Moving on, iFixit  told  that Apple has also eliminated the empty PCIe SSD slot which was featured in the late 2013 iMac, which means that do-it-yourself upgrading won’t be like before and the users might feel difficulties in upgrading their machines. In 2012, the Cupertino-based company featured empty solder pads in the device, in these empty solder pads the SSD slot would go but later in 2013 an empty SSD slot was introduced. iFixit told that the consumers who wished to add a Fusion Drive will have to either configure it at purchase or fasten or solder it on themselves.

Overall, the new 21.5-inch iMac was only able to get a repairability score of 1 out of 10, which means that iFixit deems that the new desktop computer is not easy rather it is extremely difficult to repair. Like  other iMacs, the soldered-on CPU, logic board and fused-together glass and Retina Display contributes to how difficult the new device is to repair.

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