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50% Discount On iBeats by Dre In-Ear Headphones


One of the biggest qualms users have with in-ear headphones is that a person has to stay almost still for them to stay in, otherwise they fall right out. This can be vexing especially when you are listening to music to help yourself relax or while performing chores or exercise, but good old Dr. Dre has come up with an in-ear headphone. The headphones stay put no matter what you’re doing, may you be running, exercising or biking.

This new iBeats in-ear headphone has been manufactured to provide the consumer with the highest quality sound without compromising on comfort. The headphones also maintain a balance between style and substance; in fact its unique design is what made it such a huge hit in the first place. But the biggest reason to go for these headphones is that these state-of-art headphones are being offered at a 50% discount, putting the price at a measly $49.

These new headphones ensure that you get clear, high-resolution sound and are able to really absorb and enjoy; the deep bass, mellow mids and fantastic highs all while running, exercising or simply lying on your bed; it fits every situation that you can think of. The cable of these new headphones is now much more durable – much better than your regular headphones.  Offering you on-cable playback control, while the ControlTalk built-in mic allows for hands-free calling. You can choose between multiple sizes that fully accommodate your own ear size for a perfect fit so that it meets all your personal preferences and you can get the most out of it. Another bonus brought to you by Dr. Dre.

The headphones have been carefully and uniquely designed so that no external or unwanted noise can penetrate them and you can relish the music you are listening to without any unwelcomed sounds or disturbances. The included ear-tips guarantee a snug fit and the utmost comfort so that the user is at ease. Perfect sound, a comfortable fit and you get to brag about it to all your friends – all at the affordable price of $49. Get to your nearest store, or order them online and get listening.

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