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Hulu: The Best Streaming Platform for Your Favorite Movies and Shows

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Watching movies is one of the relaxing activities that you can do in your free time. If you feel tired and exhausted from work or school, take a break and watch your favorite shows and movies. Most parents make it a hobby to watch a movie in the living room with their kids before bedtime. By doing this, it further strengthens the relationship among family members.

Because of technological advancement, most people opt for digital. There might still be some people today who are still using antennas and TV boxes to receive a signal in accessing different television channels, shows, and movies. However, many people prefer the easiest way to do this by using various online streaming platforms.

One of the popular streaming platforms today is Hulu. Many people can access their favorite shows and movies through Hulu’s official website or its app that they can download on their smartphones. Hence, you’ll have the convenience to do binge-watching anytime you want. Check this recent review for “Nomadland”, one of the movies available on Hulu. Read the details below to know about Hulu’s different services and the various features and benefits that you’ll surely enjoy from their subscription.

Subscription Service

One of the exciting online streaming platforms is Hulu that’s easy to access and user-friendly. For you to watch your favorite shows and movies, you need to have a stable internet connection. The system of Hulu should also support the device you’re using. Then, you need to sign up and create an account through their official website or app.

Make sure you’ve successfully subscribed to Hulu to access the library of programs, movies, and different shows. Then, you can surely enjoy watching them on your smartphone after downloading the app. You can also access Hulu movies on your smart TV in the living room while you and your loved ones are watching together. If you have laptops or desktop computers at home, you can also access Hulu if you prefer using them.

Brief History

Before going into Hulu’s different services and features, you may be interested in knowing this popular streaming platform’s brief history. It was successfully created last 2007 by NBC Universal and News Corporation. Then it became officially open to the public in 2008. After that, many offers and opportunities to this streaming platform have arrived from dozens to thousands more in its first year of service.

Hulu streams different shows and programs a few days after their respective network providers have broadcasted them. However, access to these shows and programs only has a limited time. Because of this, the number of Hulu subscribers has significantly increased in the following years.

Besides that, Hulu also provides live streaming of entertainment, sports, and news from The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, CBS Corporation, NBC Universal, and many others. Therefore, Hulu continues to be successful in giving its subscribers a one-of-a-kind binge-watching experience.

Services and Features

Like what was previously mentioned, Hulu is a subscription streaming platform that requires a monthly payment. It has different subscription plans that are either with ads or none with no hidden fees, no need to rent equipment, and no installation. The good thing about Hulu is that you can cancel your subscription anytime with no early termination fees.

The $5.99 subscription fee every month offers a free trial in 30 days after activating your Hulu account. This plan has various ads in its streaming library. However, you’ll surely get to enjoy thousands of shows, movies, and programs. You can also access new episodes after they have aired from their respective broadcast network.

The $11.99 subscription plan has no ads. Hence, you’ll encounter no ads while streaming on your device. The same with the previously discussed plan, it also offers a free 30-day trial that lets you enjoy Hulu’s services without charges in the first month. Besides that, you can also download your favorites to watch them multiple times, especially when you’re bored and have no hectic schedule.

The $54.99 subscription plan is the highest one on Hulu. It also offers a 30-day trial to first-time subscribers. Aside from watching movies and new episodes, this plan will give you access to Live TV from over 65 popular channels that don’t require installing any cable or tv box.

Besides that, you can also record your favorite shows from Live TV, and you have 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage allocation. All of the subscription plans have up to 6 user profiles, and you can watch your favorite movies on two different screens simultaneously.

Moreover, Hulu also gives its subscribers an option to pick additional channels or programs. The premium channels, such as HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz, are available to be added to any of the subscription plans. Each add-on channel has a corresponding additional amount to your monthly payment.

Other Inclusions and Benefits

Hulu is truly an amazing online streaming platform. Aside from the fact that you can freely cancel your subscription, you also have an option to change subscription plans and manage add-ons anytime according to your budget and preferences.

Moreover, if you and your family are all fond of watching movies and shows, downloading them will be a fantastic idea so you can watch them all over again wherever you are, even without internet access. The typical DVR storage is 50 hours, but you can request additional storage, making it 200 hours.

Then, you must pay an additional $9.99 every month on top of your regular monthly payment for this service. By doing this, your entire family will surely have enough storage allocation to download their favorite shows and programs that they can watch offline.


As technology continues to be advanced, the mode of entertainment also swifts to a modernized era. Hulu is the evidence of a successful technology that everyone can use and enjoy in the innovative entertainment world. If you’re fond of watching movies and other entertainment programs, or whenever you get bored, you can always sign up for Hulu and try its 30-day trial. The fun and entertainment that Hulu brings, and its accessibility and user-friendly features will surely make you keep your subscription even after the free trial.

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