5 Distractions That Are Negatively Affecting Your Productivity At Work

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Productivity is your most important asset when it comes to work, so ensuring that you are able to foster it throughout a busy work day is vital. Below are a few common workplace distractions that can affect how well you perform at your job and simple ways to handle them if you feel like they are becoming too overwhelming to face every day.

A Messy Workspace

Arriving into work and sitting down at a cluttered desk isn’t the best way to start off the day. This is especially detrimental when you have a lengthy to-do list that requires your utmost attention and energy. Despite how hard you try to keep your work area clean, it won’t make a significant difference if you aren’t utilizing the appropriate skills and tools. These can include allotting yourself half an hour at the end of the day to tidy up and put everything back in its place, or by avoiding the unnecessary clutter of paperwork by partnering with a virtual data room provider and uploading your confidential documents into a secure data room. Giving yourself the peace of mind with a neatly organized space is key in ensuring your productivity throughout a long and tiring day.

Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become the biggest pain and pleasure to anyone who is on a strict deadline. They offer that bit of entertainment you might need when feeling stressed or overwhelmed by work, but they also can be incredibly distracting at the most inappropriate times during your busy work day. Keeping it by your desk while your trying to work might not be the best idea as it’s almost too east to reach over and have a quick browse through your social media platforms. Instead, try keeping it somewhere out of sight so that you aren’t tempted throughout the day to text a few friends or scroll through Instagram when you don’t want to focus on work anymore. It can also be helpful to download an app that blocks your access to other apps during a specific amount of time so that you aren’t solely accountable for resisting the temptation.

Environmental Noise

Sometimes, the most prominent distraction can simply be the environmental noise throughout the day. Offices are busy spaces that are used for constant communication and collaboration as well as individual work, so it’s no surprise that there will be moments when you just can’t focus with all the conversation going on around you or the impromptu building renovations that are echoing through the entire floor. Unfortunately, sound isn’t something you can just turn off on your own accord—for the most part, you will have to deal with it—however, earplugs are the cheapest and simplest way to shut it out if only for a limited amount of time. So, the next time you find yourself losing your train of thought because of the loud office noise while answering emails or uploading documents onto your virtual data room, try popping in a pair of foam earplugs so that you can better manage your productivity.

Workplace Interruptions

Along with workplace noise there are also a fair amount of workplace interruptions that can really affect your motivation and efficiency throughout the work day. These can be in the form of coworkers stopping by your desk for a quick chat or constant meetings during the day that can cut into the time you have to actually do your work. Wearing headphones while you work is a simple, yet effective way to signal to others that you aren’t able to chat and are focused on what you’re doing. When it comes to meetings, rescheduling them when appropriate might be the only way to ensure that you are able to complete your work while also collaborate regularly with your team in an efficient balance.

Taking On Too Many Tasks

It’s not impossible to do everything, but it is difficult, especially when you take into account the above distractions that cut into your work day hours. The last thing you should add on top of all of those is additional tasks that you won’t be able to fit into your schedule. It’s important to know when to say ‘no’ and when to push things off of your to-do list because it can have an enormous impact on how well you are able to complete all your important work. If your manager is asking you to take on a few more tasks than you can handle, they will understand if you explain that you want to do the best work you can with what you already have on your plate.

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