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How Your Business Can Benefit from an Armed Security Guard

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Is your business safe? During normal working hours, it’s easy to be lured into a false sense of security. Similarly, installing security cameras, while a good deterrent, won’t keep criminals from breaking into your company and stealing from you. 

If you’ve never considered hiring an armed security guard for your company, maybe it’s time you do. 

Hiring a security guard may be one of your best financial decisions for your company. He or she will help keep you and your employees safe, prevent theft and vandalism, and will even improve the safety of your customers. If your in an area where there is a fire risk, Englewood Fire Watch Guard Services can provide an additional layer of security.

However, those aren’t the only perks to hiring an armed security guard, keep reading to find out more!

Benefits of an Armed Security Guard

You don’t need to work in a dangerous part of town to justify armed security. Even stores and businesses in the most reputable parts of town get broken into, robbed, and vandalized. However, the benefits of armed security guards extend far past crime deterrence. 

Follow along to see one of the top security trends you could be missing out on.

1. Immediate Response

First, an armed security guard will provide an immediate response to any threats to your business. 

For example, if you have your alarm system linked to your personal phone at home, you can contact the security guard on duty if you get an alert. If they’re already on the premises, they’ll be able to respond in minutes. This includes security alerts and/or fire alarms. 

Additionally, if someone is trying to break into your business after hours, having an armed security guard on-site will minimize damages, theft, or worse. 

Finally, if there is a threat of violence during working hours and employees and customers are inside, armed security will be able to protect as many people as possible, hopefully preventing anyone from being harmed or killed.

2. Crime Deterrence

The simple presence of an armed security guard in your building and walking the perimeter will likely be enough to deter any criminal activity.

Most people who vandalize buildings are young kids who would be too scared to risk confrontation with security. Alternatively, most burglars prefer to avoid running into people for multiple reasons. They don’t want to be stopped, interrupted, or identified.

Criminals are equally afraid of cops and security as most citizens are of them.

3. In-Depth Background Checks

One benefit of hiring an armed security guard over an unarmed security guard can be found in the hiring process. Armed security guards are scrutinized heavily and go through a more in-depth hiring process and background check. 

Because they will be armed, their competency with a firearm and personal histories are put under a microscope. The last thing security companies need is an armed employee with a sketchy background or causing problems.

4. Active Surveillance

While we encourage business owners to invest in security cameras, we also suggest that cameras can be very limited. You can view them online from any location, record any unusual activity, and even speak through them to anyone on the other side. However, without any human presence, security cameras can only do so much.

A security guard, on the other hand, can follow suspicious people, walk out of the range of security cameras, and confront any individuals who look like they may make trouble. They can also give police eye-witness reports and call them immediately in the event of an emergency.

5. Sufficient Training

As well as in-depth background checks, armed security guards typically go through a much more difficult training and certification process. On top of more stringent standards by their employers, armed guards are also held accountable to any state laws requiring carrying a firearm professionally. 

This training doesn’t just revolve around their firearm proficiency, however, it also includes training in dealing with difficult customers, disgruntled employees, or worse. Anytime there’s a threat of violence, having an immediate neutralizing entity on-sight is beneficial.

6. Customer Service

Although their main purpose is on-site security, an armed security guard may also be used to man an entrance point, a front desk, or certain off-limits parts of your company. 

As far as customer service goes, however, a security guard can also help direct people where to go, answer questions, or serve as a buffer between executives and the public. When you hire a security service, you investing in much more than just extra muscle.

7. Credibility

An indirect benefit of having armed security guards during operating and/or non-operating hours is that it adds credibility to your company. If you deal with high-level business, clients, customers, or investments, the simple presence of an armed security guard can go a long way toward giving people peace of mind. 

If your clients or investors see you taking extra precautions toward security, it may be a determining factor in whether or not they choose to do business with you.

On the other hand, not having security guards could paint a target on your company’s back for potential criminals. 

8. Safety

Next, if your business operates anytime after the sun goes down, having armed security guards on the premises will help ensure the safety of your staff and customers. It will also help protect people’s cars from getting broken into.

Criminals prefer not to get caught, which means they prefer not to be seen. Many people who commit crimes do so at night, so they won’t be easily seen or recognizable. Regardless of how late your business operates into the night, having security on sight will help increase everyone’s safety and security. 

9. Peace of Mind

Finally, as a business owner, having peace of mind, especially where safety and security are concerned is priceless. Hiring an armed security guard will help keep your mind at ease, knowing that there are vigilant eyes watching over your company.

Don’t Take the Risk

Regardless of who you are or what your business does, you can benefit from hiring an armed security guard for your company. 

At the end of the day, the safety and security of you, your staff, and your clients is the most important thing. Don’t take the risk, if there’s any potential threat out there, make sure you’ve got your bases covered!

Finally, be sure to take a look at the rest of our articles before you go, they’re full of valuable information!

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