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How You Can Support Your Partners Pursuit in Applying to Medical School

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Doctors are some of the most respected professionals, but the demands are very high, even before their schooling ends. If your partner wishes to enroll in medical school, you might be curious about what you can do to help. These are some of the ways you can support your partner’s pursuit in applying to medical school.

1. Help with Deadlines

Applying to medical school isn’t as simple as just filling out a couple of forms in the space of an hour. There’s going to be essay-writing, studying for exams, and interviews to prepare for. Your partner will also need to keep track of deadlines. Though this is primarily their responsibility, you can help out by putting important dates on your calendar and reminding them whenever they’re approaching. This way, you can show to your partner that their goals are equally important to you. Each time a piece of the application process is knocked off, you and your partner have reason to celebrate.

2. Help with Expenses

Although doctors earn a very good salary, medical school can be very expensive. The applications alone can be quite costly. If you and your partner share a bank account, you need to find ways to save money. You might try cutting back on expenses like eating out or gym memberships. You’ll also want to start putting aside money more often. If you don’t currently work, you may consider taking up a part-time job to help with expenses. This can help to finance your partner’s dreams and keep you occupied while they’re busy with applications.

3. Help Them Study for the MCAT

Successful completion of the MCAT is a must for getting into medical school. This exam helps schools to determine which candidates are best-equipped for the medical profession’s expectations. Your support at this time can mean a lot. Help your spouse with studying and check for any MCAT changes. When you check for any MCAT changes, you can help them to figure out what sort of things they should focus on when studying. Review with them on a nightly basis so that they can feel far more confident when the time comes to take the exam.

4. Accept the Changes

The demands of medical school applications will have an impact on your relationship with your partner. They won’t be able to spend as much time with you as usual due to how much time they’ll have to devote to class and studying. Don’t let yourself think that this is a sign that they don’t care about you or that they want to spend time with you. The time spend apart should be accepted, and the time spent together should be embraced. You should discuss how each of you is feeling and what would make things any easier. If you’ve found yourself neglected in a way that makes you feel unappreciated, tell your partner how you feel and consider seeking relationship counseling.

You might’ve not previously considered just how demanding applying to medical school can be. It can take its toll not only on your partner but also on you. Your partner likely isn’t any happier than you that they have to sacrifice so much time with you, but you both should know that it’s for a good reason. Them getting into and graduating from medical can change both your lives for the better. Providing them this support now can give you ample support in the future.

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