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How You Can Squash the Learning Curve of New IR Tech

investor relations consulting rep using IR software to train office workers

Is the dreaded learning curve of new investor tools the only thing holding you back from upgrading your software? You wouldn’t be alone. 

Plenty of corporate offices clings to outdated processes simply because it’s something they understand. Although these legacy systems may not be efficient by any means, your team has a good grasp of how to navigate them. 

The thought of leaving this familiar tech behind to master new IR software can be challenging for everyone involved. It can take time and a lot of frustration before your team feels comfortable.

So how can you reduce the learning curve with new IR tech? Try out these tips to train your team faster. 

1. Choose the Right IR Software

Not all software is created equal. Some are needlessly complicated, requiring extensive training and time before your team can use them efficiently.

However, premium tech is designed with the user in mind. The best investor relations software provides comprehensive support and analytics in an intuitive package, so it comes naturally to new users.

Intuitive use on both mobile and desktop software is one of the best practices upheld by the investor relations consulting specialists at Q4. If you compare IR solutions from Q4 to other IR software, you’ll see it marries leading-edge tech with a user-friendly design. 

These details can help you find the right software that makes learning easy.  

2. Invest in Training

Some team members might like to fool around with a program. They’re the type of people who can pick up new tech independently without any guidance.

But for the vast majority of your IROs, training is not just appreciated, it’s necessary for the success of your transition.

You’ll want to set up a couple of training sessions, at least. After each meeting, ask your team to complete small tasks that reinforce what they learned. Practice makes perfect, after all.

For greater direction, speak with the investor relations consulting firm that installs the program. There’s a good chance they host training sessions as part of their package. 

3. Provide Documents

Your team may not absorb every nugget of golden information from your training sessions, but don’t be insulted. Brand-new IR software can be intimidating, even when it comes from Q4 solutions. 

In the meantime, your IROs are juggling this training with all their usual tasks. It’s normal to forget some things at the start, so support your team by providing training packets with easy-to-follow instructions. They can refer to these written directions any time they run into a wall. 

4. Assign a Point Person

Whether it’s someone in IT or just an IRO who likes tech, find someone who can take a deep dive into the program. Allow them greater time to explore the software and connect them with your investor relations consulting firm if they have any questions.

With all that extra knowledge, they can act as a go-between for the rest of the staff, troubleshooting any issues they might encounter. 

5. Be Patient

Most importantly, be patient! Expecting everyone to become masters of a new program overnight is unrealistic and cruel to all involved. Give everyone time to let go of the old and embrace the new. 

You may even let this mantra influence your training technique. Rather than trying to cram everything into one day, consider stretching your training out over a week or more. 

Remember that a slight learning curve will still exist. That’s just human nature. But take solace in the fact that you can reduce this curve significantly by following these tips!

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