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With every password-protected device comes the risk of forgetting the password and being cut off from the world inside the device. For office workers, students, and tech-savvy freaks, it’s not only frustrating but also time-wasting as their link to the important documents and stuff inside is temporarily broken. These are the moments for which the brand management companies of the devices often ask the people to have a backup password resetting disk/ source.

Even those who use Windows 10 (or any other) are advised to have a backup system ready for such moments. But if you have never made one, then here are the ways through which you can access your computer/ laptop.

Top Ways To Recover Your Windows 10 Password

Many people would ask you to sit back, relax, do some other task for a while, and then try inserting the password again. This may sound ridiculous to you and is the hardest thing to do (most of the time) but it works for many people! Thus, the first thing that you need to do is relax and start a password guessing game. But if this didn’t work (which probably didn’t as you are here looking for more ways) try the following:

1. Use Microsoft Account online to recover the password

Before you read this one any further, let us first ask you a question! Do you use your Microsoft account to log in to Windows 10? If not, please jump to the second option.

For those who use the Microsoft account for login (this means that you log in using your email address), then all you need to do is visit the official Microsoft website from another computer/ browser/ smartphone and reset your lost Windows password. A lot of users and even the leading advertising companies in Dubai benefit from this method. As Microsoft manages the account through the online server, this is the safest and the quickest option to recover your Windows!

2. Reset it through the elevated Command Prompt

This method is possible if you are able to get into Windows with the use of any other sign in ways like a PIN, different administrator account, or a picture password. Once you are in, you can access the elevated Command Prompt and change the password there with ease.

Steps to follow:

  • Press the Windows logo key + X
  • A quick access menu will open. Now click the ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ option.
  • Use this command to reset the password – net user account_name new_password
  • Enter your new account name and password and you’ll be good to go

3. Try using iSee Password Windows Recovery program

There are many recovery programs built for Windows but this one with its great features supports Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista, and 2000. It allows you to protect your data from complete loss and avoid system reinstallation. Three simple steps will allow you to enjoy working on Windows like before.

How does it work?

  • The recovery program can be installed to Windows without accessing the computer
  • It works by reading the Window’s underlying data and iSO files. The DOS mode is often used which does not require the password.
  • You can then burn these iSO files to DVD/ CD/ USB drive and then reset your password by creating a new administrator account without the disk.

Reinstall your Windows 10


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If the above methods do not work, one of the last resorts is to reinstall Windows 10 again on your device. Reinstalling the Window? The first thing that must have crossed your mind is about all the data on the hard disk, right?

Unfortunately, if it comes to reinstalling the Windows all over again, there is a very rare chance to save the data. The data is mostly lost and the whole process takes a lot of time to come to an end.

Ask an administrator to help you or call Microsoft

You’ll be thankful today for sharing your computer with other users! It is possible that any one of them might have administrator-level access and you can ask him to help you recover your account password.

The other way is to call Microsoft Company and let their TechNet help center direct you through the process. They will at first ask the same security questions that you answered while creating your account. If you’re successful in answering them then that would be it or else you’ll be handed off to another team. After proper verification by the team (via various questions), you will get a temporary unlock code and you can use it to log into your live account and access Windows.

Have a password reset disk ready

This is the backup system we were talking about in the beginning. The Windows 10 developers recommend that you have a password reset disk/ USB drive which would come in handy in case you forget the password. You can look into other articles explaining how to create the disk and you’ll be all set to go.

These are the few tested ways that will definitely help you win back your Windows without losing the data (unless you are installing Windows again). We all go through certain situations where it seems impossible to reach our Windows installed devices again but these tricks will surely make your experience better.


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