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How Would You Explain Product Management To A Stranger?

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Technology paves the way for introducing new products and new professions. These new jobs require a small orientation session with the world. But are we ready to explore? This argument may sound a bit of an exaggeration. In simple words, explaining your job can become a complicated task, especially when the other person does not have any idea about your job. Product management recruiters believe Product managers have to go through this every day. It is usual for them to receive blank and puzzled expressions. However, the normalization of these attitudes can reduce this job title to a mere nobody. 

For instance, you attend a sports game for your 12-year-old child. Everyone is cheering and talking, and then a question pops up where people stare at you blankly. The reason, they do not understand who a project manager is. You can ignore those strange glares, but what about your child, who may suddenly feel low about your profession. In a room full of young brains and parents, you need the most straightforward language to brief about your domain. Let’s start like this; a product manager is like a hero who identifies problems in the world and builds solutions to fix them—a cute and straightforward definition of product managers. However, the adults need a more professional setting. 

Let us define product managers

Product management is a multi-skilled and dynamic job profile. It has no clearly defined role and duties and flexibly moves from one task to another based on organizational demands and structure. An adult or colleague may have a better grasp of things you may do; still, you need clear language for describing the essence of product management. Here’s how you can comprehensively explain a product manager’s job-

An expert

Product management is all about knowing the market, products, and customers. Product managers work at the design, engineer, and customer team interfaces to provide direction to the team. They are the only go-to source during product development and even after it has developed. 


Nothing concrete can be built from scratch without a plan. And every project needs a strategy to execute the plan. For product management, strategizing may seem like researching, understanding, and setting realistic goals.

The plan makers

Developing a product is a gradual and repetitive process until the finished product fits into the criteria. For this, following a good roadmap is necessary to avoid disturbances and reach the final step of product development. It also helps in communicating product goals to the team.


Another work that occupies a product manager is staying customer-centric and analyzing their needs and wants. It requires proper research, data collection, and communication with the customers.


Product managers get a lot of ideas for what they need to build next. However, every vision can not be realized in form. Therefore, prioritization is essential to focus only on realizable ideas.


The role of product managers may vary from company to company, but the basic tasks are similar. Product management interview questions are a quick way to get a better idea of the type of skilled person the interviewing company requires. Nevertheless, every job has a unique set of duties and functions; defining it may not be easy. Still, it will help you inspire and make at least a few people aware and bring more light to the age-old profession.

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