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How Watching Foreign Movies Can Help You Learn New Language

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Did you know that movies’ purpose isn’t just to entertain? Movies provide a learning opportunity that can boost your second language learning. Even though they aren’t a learner’s first solution for language acquisition, they can make a solid contribution.

Various methods can enhance your ability to understand and speak a foreign language. One of those methods is watching movies. 

If you want to know what makes movies the perfect fun and learning combination, keep reading. In the following lines, you’ll find out how movies can positively affect your second language learning.

Get Exposed to Authentic, Native Speech

If you only rely on classroom-type of learning, you can be stunned when you encounter everyday speech. How natives speak daily differs from slow, comprehensible, and formal speech from the lessons.

Movies can bring you closer to daily conversations in a foreign language. You can get familiarized with the natives’ tone of speech, pace, pronunciation, and different dialects. Exposure to “authentic” communication will make it easier for you to understand and converse with the natives. 

Improve Your Vocabulary

With every foreign movie you watch, you add to your list of new terms. This list goes beyond the basic words and phrases. Movies will introduce you to idioms and colloquialisms you won’t find in books.

Its beauty lies in the fact that you can find a film on any topic. Use this to your advantage to build your vocabulary in a subject that interests you. For example, if you want to improve your business vocabulary, find a foreign movie that covers that topic. 

Increase Your Learning Motivation

Movies will open the doors to mysterious worlds of other countries and cultures. Getting to know the customs, traditions, beliefs, and behaviors of another nation will inspire you to learn their language.

This is not just a theory. Many scholars and linguists support the claim that “learning a language and culture should not be separated.” That’s how you learn better and get the motivation you need. 

Observe Non-Verbal Cues

Non-verbal language is just as relevant as verbal. The body language and cues can help you adapt to the culture you are targeting. While books can’t help you master the non-verbal language, movies can. 

The ability to understand non-verbal communication allows you to reach a more complete understanding of foreign language communication. It is an inseparable part of clear communication. 

Tips for Learning a Language While Watching Movies

Here are a few language learning tips you can apply while you watch foreign-language movies.   

  • Turn subtitles on. As you read the subtitles, make connections between the words you hear and their translation. But first, make sure that you have high-quality subtitles.
  • Watch a movie you like several times. Repetition is golden in a learner’s world. So, when you come across a film that blows you away, watch it more than once. The more you watch it, you’ll intensify the learning. 
  • Mimic pronunciation. When you watch a certain movie for the second or third time, speak along with the characters. Mimic their pronunciation to perfect yours.
  • Write down words and phrases. The moment you hear a useful word or phrase, write it down. You can create a little phrasebook on your phone and revise those words from time to time. If your list grows faster than you can handle, you can check out translation company reviews and get a translator to polish up your list with detailed translations and explanations of the terms.
  • Don’t pressure yourself to understand every word. Primarily enjoy what you are watching and occasionally put focus on a certain word or phrase. Otherwise, watching movies won’t be an enjoyment anymore. 

Wrapping Up

Movies are an extremely useful language learning tool, but only if used right. Simply turning a foreign movie on won’t do the trick. You need to focus and apply the mentioned tips. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time, you won’t mind paying some extra attention while enjoying your favorite foreign films. 

Author’s Bio: Merissa Moore is a content writer and editor. She turned her biggest passion – writing – into a career thanks to her insightful research and impeccable writing skills. Her curiosity and diligent research have led her to writing jobs in various industries. Merissa is consistently working on improving her skills through various seminars and courses. In her free time, she likes to hike and read. 

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