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How Video Games Can Play an Important Role in Developing Certain Skills

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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” –Albert Einstein

Life is a journey that insists on having various skills for traveling through it. For me, a wise person would be the one who prioritizes growth over constancy. In other words, tomorrow should always see a better version of yourself. However, improvement demands persistence, and an eagerness to challenge yourself.

The key to personal development is to expose yourself to certain aspects that challenge you and stimulate you to be a better person. Gaming is one of those platforms that lets you inculcate essential skills while having a pleasant time. As it cannot be confined to a specific age group, gaming can enhance personal development throughout your life.

You might have heard that severe video gaming addiction can result in isolation and some other adverse effects. However, while reading this article, you will realize that many of the expected unhealthy effects of gaming are just myths.

The charismatic effect of video games

All of our life experiences have shaped us to be what we are today. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t even realize when and how we acquired a particular skill set. Most of us got introduced to video games in our childhood. At that time, we undertook gaming only as a source of enjoyment and time pass. But, gradually, it instilled some crucial traits in our personality.   

Social Skills

I want to break one of the worst stereotypes often associated with gaming; most of the gamers are awkward social rejects. Researchers from three different institutions in the UK and Canada have concluded something else. They discovered that gamers who engage in live social environments are the most communicative and friendly people there.

Moreover, when a couple of young ones meet, gaming acts as a catalyst in making them socialize and enhance their communication skill.

Decision Making and Cognitive Thinking

” Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions.”-Mark Twain

As an adult, when it comes to dealing with different situations daily, you know the worth of making correct decisions. It is a process that demands uncompromising attention and exceptional critical thinking skills. Video games, especially the strategy ones, educate us to perceive complex information, process it, and make an effective decision.

The bad decisions that cost you the life of your character force you to adopt a different strategy next time.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

A team of scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch, asked a group of high school kids, college students, and medical residents to perform virtual surgeries. To their amazement, high school kids outperformed everybody else. Because the high school kids played video games at least two hours a day while the medical residents rarely had time to play. 


“Truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great achievement.” Various aspects of our lives exhort us to work in groups. Be it a group project, or planning a family event, you must be a great team player to succeed. 

Many video games require you to complete quests and bond with others to adopt a comprehensive winning strategy. It builds a culture of teamwork among players and enhances their professional skills.

How do games develop skills?

Picture yourself in a shooting game, where you are alone in a house surrounded by an opponent team. Several scenarios imagined by your mind will determine your next move. Most of the games put you in a similar situation that demands quick and tough decisions in a matter of split seconds.

While your brain processes different outcomes for each possibility, your cognitive skills are being polished. It’s like training your mind so that it can reuse similar strategies to solve real-world problems. Consequently, a gamer knows complex tasks like how to write a dissertation title or manage a debating club. Moreover, these swift moves strengthen our hand-eye coordination as well.  

People with common interests often get along and end up in the same social circle. As gaming fascinates children, it plays a vital role in bringing them together and nurturing their social skills.

Be it a PC, a smartphone, or a console, multiplayer games have acquired worldwide fame in each of these platforms. In addition to forming acquaintances online, players get exposed to an environment that incorporates teamwork and cooperation. Multiplayers must devise a team strategy and execute it with complete coordination. It fosters synergy and encourages them to be a more exceptional team player.

Are you playing the right video game?

In a spontaneous reaction to this question, each of us might start visualizing a different set of games. I believe that there is no right video game. I mean, it all depends on your brain and the skills you are eager to teach yourself. More or less, every game contributes in some manner.

Let’s say you are into sports games. This category of games is famous for online multiplayer modes. Primarily, they enhance your teamwork abilities. On the other hand, if you are willing to improve your cognitive thinking, you might want to rely on strategy games.

A fundamental principle that may help you pick the best game for you is to evaluate your requirements and analyze the impacts that the game might have on your mind. Above all, you must feel it’s worth it!   

Why do organizations make you play brain games during job tests?

Companies have always wanted to assess your cognitive and emotional traits to get more insight into hiring. Brain games impel you to use your mind in certain challenging situations.

Guy Halfteck, Knack’s founder and CEO, says gameplay correlates with how people think and work. “Level of pressure, intensity, level of challenge — we look at all those behaviors,” he says. 

Real gamers are pro’s in every field of life

The traits we have pondered upon depict a model personality. Whether you need a team player, a critical thinker, or a leader with exceptional communication skills, a gamer outperforms in each of these faculties.   

After all, our skills shape our personality and make us excel in each role we play in our lives.

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