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How to Write a Thesis Fast: A Working Guide

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Whatever we study in college or university, we have to write a thesis at the end of our course. All thesis have different topics, but the purpose remains the same: to develop our writing, analytical, and critical thinking abilities. Unfortunately, there are lots of reasons why not everyone finishes the assignment before the deadline. If you feel under pressure but want to complete the thesis on time, don’t worry. This article sheds light on practical ways on how to write a thesis fast. 

Choose A Topic You Love

According to, those who don’t like the topic seek outside help most often. And it is understandable. Who wants to write about something that doesn’t wake them up at night? And then review it? To speak nothing of adjusting the text to the formatting style and polishing it to shimmering brilliance afterward. 

So, first off, select the topic you will want to write about. A thesis is a large piece comprising 30 pages of text. You can’t just write it in one day. You must dedicate plenty of time to this activity. Evaluate your interests and check whether they pertain to your major. Also, don’t shy away from asking your supervisor to help you.

Find Inspiration

One of the most efficient life hacks for homework is to find inspiring materials. Whatever you write about, make sure to learn more about the topic beforehand. It will enrich your expertise area. Also, such sources will enhance your writing style. Reading them will help you understand how to structure your work properly. Needless to say, the thesis has a different structure due to their volume. You don’t only have to write an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You should also include a title page, abstract, table of contents, methods, results, discussion, etc. Knowing these elements in advance will help you deal with the task faster.

Find Solitary Place

It is hard to remain focused for a long time, especially if you have to work in a noisy environment. Our attention span is impressively short. We can’t stay concentrated for hours. But we can prolong this time by working in a tranquil place. Find your solitary space and spread out all the materials necessary to study. Talk to your partner/sibling/or parents. Tell them that you can’t clean up until the work is done. They will totally understand. 

Suppose you don’t have a chance to stay in a room alone. In that case, headsets might be of assistance. Turn on some calming sounds, like a bonfire or any other lo-fi. Use every weapon you can to accelerate the writing process.


Doing all the work at once is the worst strategy. It harms your productivity and slows down the entire work progress. If you want to deal with it quickly, segment thesis writing. Create an outline for your work. 

Since a thesis is an extensive task, divide it into sections. For instance, you can create an outline for writing an introduction. Focus on composing an opening sentence, writing background information, and designing a thesis statement. Do not proceed to another section until this one is finished.


Scheduling plays a pivotal role in your self-discipline. If you want to be organized, make sure to work at the same time. Make thesis writing your routine for, let’s say, three times weekly. Set time frames you can work within. Complete small parts each day. Stick to your outlines. It might take you more or less time each day. But remember to finish the work set for the day. Otherwise, it may influence your writing badly.


When the work is over, treat yourself. We often forget to treat ourselves, even if it is our small achievement. It is necessary to keep the spirit and motivation to work harder. You don’t need to think of extraordinary things. Just think of what makes you happy. Grabbing a camera and going for a walk is an excellent idea. Putting in headsets and jogging is also great. Finally, eating some sweets is superb! 

Use Helpful Tools 

We live in a fast-paced world where technologies are developed and easy to use. So why not use it for academic purposes? Grammarly is a representative example of such technologies. The app checks texts and helps adjust them to plain and correct English. Make editing your routine. Check what you write at the end of each day. It will help you improve your writing and finish the thesis earlier.

The idea of a plagiarism checker for web content is not new. Writers and bloggers have been using similar technology to check the originality of their articles since the beginning of the internet. 

However, when the dot-com boom began, the requirement to use the most original content grew even more important. And now that the World Wide Web is one of the most popular mediums on which we can publish or discuss any topic, originality has become even more important. 

Prepostseo is one such platform with the sole intention of ensuring the originality of web content. It allows readers to enjoy the richness of information while using online search engines.

The question of how to write a thesis fast is in the limelight these days. More students have to work and spend less time on their studies to keep their head above water. Many fail, but it is still doable to handle the thesis quickly. 

The mentioned guide helps write a thesis fast. Time is as valuable nowadays as it has never been. So, you better start working on the thesis right now. And yes, don’t forget to use the mentioned guide.

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