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How To Write A Good Novel: 5 Tips For Writers

Reading or Writing a Novel

Did it ever cross your mind that you should write your novel? No matter how fun it may sound, it can get a bit intimidating as you start progressing further. Even the most famous and ambitious writers go through such situations often.

And, if you’re going through writer’s block, then only a miracle can save you. Just kidding! Many writing tools are available all around the internet today that help writers with their habit of procrastination and help them get motivated by enhancing their writing quality.

A well-known app called Scrivener has gained much popularity among the writers’ community for this purpose. However, many alternatives to Scrivener are now found on the web.

Coming back to the topic of writing novels, a writer faces many challenges on their writing journey. But still, the most challenging part of writing a novel is just getting started. Before starting, you need to be entirely sure of the storyline and plot of your novel.

A session of intense research and brainstorming goes before the writer finally decides on a particular idea. However, there are certain easy steps that one can keep in their mind before writing a good novel. In this article, you will find some of them. 

Choose the perfect world for your story

Your readers need to be able to connect with your story before they decide on continuing it. So, first, choose the perfect setting and period that you think will interest your readers and keep them engaged. However, do not forget that it should first interest you as you would not be able to write correctly if you don’t like the world where you imagine your characters to live.

It is okay if you cannot decide on one setting and have more than one in your mind. But remember not to make it complex with sudden and too many location changes.

Choose a story idea based on your selected setting

A story is undoubtedly the most essential part of a good novel. Remember that a good story never leaves the reader’s mind long after they have completed reading it. Hence, plotting the perfect story idea is a significant job.

Remember to match it with the setting that you have previously selected. In addition to that, your story idea should keep your reader engaged throughout the novel. If they stop after reading a few pages, it would be a shame. So, be mindful and select a great story.

Decide the characters of your novel

Your lead character is the most crucial part of your novel, but other than them, your world and story need more characters to make it progress smoothly. Give each of your characters a backstory of their own, from success to failures, family backgrounds, their traits, and many other things that may include this.

Understand your character yourself first and then express in a way that your readers connect with them immediately. A strong character stays with the readers for a long time.

Start planning the climax

A reader will never forget the climax or the ending of a story. Hence, even if you are not entirely sure of the beginning of the middle part, being clear about the ending will help you construct the story well from the start.

A reader always looks forward to the ending, and thus, it is a writer’s job to give them what they want. Moreover, a good ending will help you make the necessary changes in your story and its characters to reach the climax perfectly. 

Start writing before you start losing confidence

Overplanning or overthinking can keep you from doing the most critical work, writing. Planning is good, but it should not be overdone. When you start writing, you may feel that your writing is getting terrible with every passing and rejecting draft. The first or second draft may not even be the same as the final one, but it is essential to start writing before you start losing your courage and confidence in your writing. Hence, after a brief planning session, get to your laptop or whatever device you use and start writing your ideas down.


Writing a good novel takes a reasonable amount of time and work. Many times you have ideas and cannot express them in words correctly or vice versa. Hence, using these tips will undoubtedly help you in writing your perfect novel in no time.

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