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How to Utilize Netflix Secret Codes to Unlock Hidden Netflix Features


Did you know that Netflix collects data of what you have previously watched?

And, have you ever wondered why it’s hard to access something new? It’s all about the Netflix algorithm. Netflix is full of content. Statistics show that the service hosts around 4000 movies and more than 1500 TV shows with around 167 million global subscribers.

If you are among the subscribers, I bet you might have had a problem looking for a movie you want to watch among the 4000 movies. This is no big deal; there is an easy way to access all the hundred Netflix subgenres programs you may not have a single idea of.

The truth is, there are so many titles you have no idea that they exist on your streaming device. You only need Netflix secret codes to unlock the hidden categories. to be able to watch a movie from a genre not available on your limited selection with a secret code.

You can only use the codes on the website to browse broad genre categories to your specific favorite movies. Knowing how to search on Netflix can guide you to the best Netflix movies or shows to watch.

How to access Netflix secret menu

Here is a simple way to unlock Netflix secret codes:

  • Log into your Netflix account.
  • Follow the URL pattern (each category has a specific URL) and enter “”. The secret code will direct you to a specific sub-genre.

Let’s take an example; if you want to watch Marvel comics, you will only be required to enter the code as follows: The best thing is that this is also possible on your laptop or PC.

Once you have the Netflix secret codes, it becomes easy to access any sub-genre of your choice. You will only be required to change the number at the end of your URL. Again, it becomes easy to scroll down to get the shorter list and get your favorite movies and shows.

It is worth noting that not every code may be available to everyone. Depending on your location or IP address, your code may not pop up. If you want to access another country’s Netflix library, you may change your IP address using a VPN. ExpressVPN would work best for your Netflix streaming.

You may be asking what these Netflix secret codes are used for?

Uses of Netflix codes

These codes are unique numbers that assist any viewers in finding movies or shows hidden from the homepage.

There are thousands of codes that make it easy to search your Netflix content. If you scroll through the app, you can see so many recommendations for what movies or shows to watch.

Every genre and subgenre has a code that can also be accessed manually. With the URL, you don’t have to scroll on your homepage. It becomes easy to go directly to the genre of your choice and type the code. But if you are using Google Chrome, you don’t have to log your URL manually. You can install the FindFlix extension to help you use less effort to search.

Note that even if the code is general, it is easy to browse through subcategories. For instance, if you are interested in kid’s movies of a certain age, you can easily be directed to such content and avoid waving over every Netflix content.

Below are some of the favorite codes that you may be interested in for general or subgenre Netflix Code.

Note that the Netflix world keeps on changing, sometimes a code may have stopped working, but there are a variety of codes that you can use to customize your experience.

Codes by Genre

You only need to plug the genre code of your choice into the URL provided The last four digits represent code for Animation. With the code, you can easily find all the recommended animation titles.

Action and adventures codes

Category for action and adventure code (1365), Action Fantasy (3307124) Movies (31851), Anime Comedies (9302), Anime Features (3063)


General Documentaries (6839), History documentaries (5349) Music and Concert Documentaries (90361).


General dramas (5763), Dramas based on real-life (3653), Drama based on books (4961)

Foreign movies

Foreign Action & Adventure (11828) Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies (8243) Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy (6485)

How to use Netflix secret codes on Windows 10

Most people love watching movies on a big screen; as such, they love to mirror the display from their laptops or computer by using a Chromecast or an HDMI cable.

You would still be able to unlock your favorite movies even when using a laptop. You only need to know the settings and how to enter the Netflix code.

If you want to cast Netflix from your laptop or computer to the TV screen, you can follow the below steps.

  • Make sure your TV has Wi-Fi capabilities, and the internet on your TV should be the same as the one on the laptop.
  • Both devices should be Bluetooth enabled
  • Go to your computer and search for the ‘Connect’ icon; the application will show whether your Smart TV and your computer supports “Miracast.”
  • Use your Smart TV remote to press the ‘Home’ button and then go to ‘Project.’ Other TVs have it as ‘Screen mirroring.’
  • Go to your computer settings, select the ‘Devices’ option, and choose ‘add Bluetooth’ or any other device. Select ‘Wireless display.’
  • On the next menu, select your Smart TV and cast Netflix from your computer to the TV.

With this, you will be able to use Netflix codes to cast movies or shows and enjoy them directly on your Smart TV.

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