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How To Use Social Media Wall In Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

A graduation ceremony is a much-awaited event in every student’s life. They look forward to it the day they enroll in the educational institution. Wouldn’t you want to make it memorable for them? 

Lately, many schools have started shifting to virtual graduation ceremonies due to various reasons. 

If your educational institute is planning to do the same, we have decided to bring something that will liberate the virtual graduation ceremony experience for your students: The Social Media Wall. 

Let’s see what social media wall is and how it improves your students’ experience.

What Is A Social Media Wall?

A social media wall is a live social media feed that updates in real-time. It enables you to collect content from various social media platforms, moderate them, and customize the content with many templates, fonts, colors, themes, etc. You can put it on display to create audience engagement opportunities. Display the social wall with content collected from UGC, hashtags, interactions, etc. 

A social wall will facilitate interactions and increase audience engagement. It will give a physical touch to your virtual graduation ceremony. Collect social media content to display on a social wall at your virtual graduation ceremony digital screen, or flash it below the live stream as a social media ticker.


Ways To Use Social Media Wall In Graduation Ceremony

1. Unique Hashtag Wall

Create a unique hashtag for your virtual graduation ceremony and encourage your students to use it while posting on social media. Use a social media aggregator tool that will use your unique hashtag to collect all the content created by your students using the hashtag. You can then moderate the content to filter out the irrelevant or repeated ones or the ones that might not maintain the school’s decorum. 

Once done, choose templates, fonts, colors, etc. You can also use stickers like ‘class of 2021′ or your school’s logo. Once done, stream the content on the social wall at your graduation ceremony. It will capture the students’ attention at the max and encourage them to create more posts, making them participate actively. 

2. Social Media Ticker During Live-stream

If your focal social media content is textual and you want to keep the students hooked throughout the event. Especially during the lengthy guest speeches when students feel distracted the most, the social media ticker is the perfect incorporation for your virtual graduation ceremony.

A social media ticker is the miniature version of a social media wall, a live horizontal stream of textual content that runs below the screen from left to right. You can choose Twitter as your social media platform, and the ticker will encourage students to tweet around the ceremony as they see the tweets streaming below the screen.

3. Display Social Media Wall On Website

To bring the most out of your social media wall, you can also display it on your graduation ceremony’s website or your institute’s official website to engage the website visitors. You keep it on a  permanent display on your website so that the students can access it each time they want to relive their memories. 

Moreover, it will create a good impression among the students who are planning to enroll in your institute, making them realize how fun your institute can be. 

4. Display Polls On Social Wall

Many social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have in-app features that enable users to create fun polls for their audience to answer. You can create multiple polls for your virtual graduation ceremony and display them on the social media wall to increase student engagement.

Instagram allows you to create polls on stories, whereas Twitter allows you to create polls and tweet them. Both are open for users to answer. Create polls and display them on the social media wall, and make sure your topics are interesting. Once you get poll results, display them on the social media wall, it will be a fun activity for your new graduates.

5. Photo Booth Pictures

What is a graduation day without the fun photobooth that enables students to create long-lasting memories? Provide a virtual photo booth to your graduating students at the virtual graduation ceremony. You can also give the pictures a branded logo of your institute, and each time a picture is clicked from the booth, post it on your social media platform and display it on the social media wall.

The social media wall is live and responsive, giving real-time updates, making the procedure fun and engaging for the students. Moreover, improving your institute’s social presence.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

We have now reached the end of this blog, where you got to know many ways you can use the social media wall at your educational institute’s virtual graduation ceremony.

Now, it’s your turn to give out the best to your students and give them some unforgettable memories as they sit at their homes wearing their graduation caps, attending the virtual graduation ceremony.

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