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How to Use Social Media to Boost your SEO

Social Media Marketing

Any SEO specialist will tell you the benefits of including social media marketing in your SEO marketing plans. Billions of users use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and TikTok, and other social media platforms every day.

This makes it even more credible and an essential part of marketing. Chances are, millions of these social media users are your potential clients. This means you need to put yourself and your business out there to be found. Most businesses also get their most traffic from social media shares. 

However, it is not as juicy and as delicious as it sounds. It requires an SEO company Adelaide and SEO specialists to create a solid social media marketing plan for it to work. Check out some tips for a social media marketing plan that works below; 

Choose your Platforms

The first thing you need to do is to choose social media platforms that work. Using all social media platforms sounds like a great idea, but it is the fastest way for your business to sink. Experts advise choosing at least one, two, or at most three platforms to use.

Focusing on specific platforms will allow you to learn faster, create more time for more marketing materials, and give you a solid track record to track your progress. It is also easier to learn specific social media platform metrics and how it works than winging and throwing posts everywhere. 

Find out what Content your Audience Wants

You also want to find out what content your audience wants. This means learning their needs, behaviors, likes, wants, and everything there is to learn about them. You can even conduct relevant surveys and run polls to determine what the best content to create is.

After all, all the products and services you are offering are for the people and not yourself. Find out what type of post has the most engagement, the type of content, videos or images, that resonates with your audience the most, and focus on those.

Create High Quality and Original Content

High quality, valuable, fresh, original, and all those terms mean helpful content to your audience. Of course, this depends on the industry you are in. If it is entertainment, then make sure you create content that serves that purpose; entertainment.

If you are selling beauty products or consultation services, you want to create educational and informational content. Different industries also work best with different types of content. Some industries work best with video content, others images, and graphics, while posts do better in others. Find your best ideal type of content for your particular audience and products. 

Create a Schedule

Creating a posting schedule is beneficial both for your business and your audience. You want your audience to learn that you will regularly be creating content for them and posting them on particular days. This also leads them to have expectations and something to look forward to on specific days.

When you know you have set your audiences’ mindset to expect something like a post two times a week, you become accountable. It is not to pressure you but help you have the consistency your business needs. It is this consistency that builds trust and credibility.


Apart from creating high-value content and having a posting schedule, you also want to create content that will spark engagement. You may create value-packed posts filled with information, but it is of no use if it doesn’t spark conversations and drive shares.

This comes down to your style and values. You also want your personality to shine through your products and services or the message you are conveying. If writing doesn’t work, try images, graphics, and video. Find out what content your audience is most engaging with and focus on that. 

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