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How to Use Quicktime to Record Your iPhone Screen on Mac Os X


Are you planning to do a tutorial on your iPhone and you want to record your screen for it, but don’t know how? Well, we have the solution for you. All you need is one of the latest versions of  OS X and iOS on you iPhone or iPads. Additionally, a USB cable will be required to connect your iPhone to your Mac. 

Here’s how you can capture your iPhone/iPad screen with your Mac:

Step 1: Take a USB cable and connect your iPhone to your Mac device.

Step 2: On your OS X, open Quick time player.

Step 3: Once the quick time player launches, click on “File.”

Step 4: Now choose the “New Movie Recording ” option.

Step 5: After the video recording screen appears, move the mouse over the screen so that volume controls become visible.

Step 6: Now click on the arrow next to the record button to make the camera and microphone settings visible.

Step 7: Once these settings appear, select the camera of your iPhone. If you want the recording to be done using your iPhone microphone, choose it otherwise, the default microphone of your Mac will be chosen.

Step 8: You will notice that your Quick time recording screen has now turned into your iPhone or iPad screen. To start recording, click on the record button on your Quick time recording screen.

Step 9: To stop recording, move the cursor on you Mac screen to make the “Stop recording button” appear or you can press the stop button available on the top right menu bar.

Step 10: To save the file, click on “File”.

Step 11: Now click on “Save”.

Using these simple steps you can record your iPhone or iPad screen, you can now go ahead and use it to make tutorials or insert it into your presentations. This recording will be saved as a .mov file; you can edit it or trim it in iMovie, Quick time or Final Cut.  You can also convert this file into other video formats. 

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