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How to Use iPhone 3D Touch For Camera App

iPhone 3D Touch

So has this ever happened to you before? Have you ever found that whenever a good photo-op is presented to you then your iPhone does not capture the image? Instead, the phone starts filming videos or maybe it starts capturing a selfie when you wanted to take a photo instead. In today’s how-to, we will tell you what kind of iPhone 3D Touch features are available for those who like to do iPhone photography.

In order to avoid such instances what you can do is that you can use the 3D Touch feature of your iPhone. 3D Touch can also create a shortcut for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models. 3D Touch also lets you take a selfie or allows you to start shooting video from the Home screen of you iPhone! You can also see the photos you have captured without opening the Cameras application and play Live Photos.

In the shortcut menu of your iPhone you can use a range of different shortcuts like Taking selfies via “Take selfie” and “Record Video” or “Record Slo-Mo” and “Take Photo”.

So all these options can be used and these shortcuts will take you to the shortcuts on your iPhone. However every time you take a picture you can also review it without opening the Photos application. This can be done simply by tapping on the photo thumbnail which is in the lower side of the left side of your Camera application. In order to go back to the Camera mode, you will then only have to click on the “Done” button.

You can also press on the thumbnail image in your Camera and this will open the last taken image along with a small scrubber tool which can be used to see all the other photos. Now without releasing the finger from the screen then you can swipe from the left to right in order to see all the photos. In order to see a particular photo just tap a little deeper and this will transfer you to the dark editing interface of your Camera application and through this, you can share your photos or share or delete them.  You can also get back to the camera by selecting “Done” or selecting “All Photos”.

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