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How To: Use iCloud Password To Login On Mac OS X Yosemite

iCloud is an integral part of any iOS and OS X users daily life, whether they know it or not. Now, if you’re so used to accessing iCloud regularly, you might want to ditch your separate login password for your Mac, and instead use iCloud password to login on Mac OS X Yosemite. Find out how after the title image. It is just a few steps!

Over the past few years, iCloud has grown stronger and stronger at becoming Apple’s users choice of invisible cloud syncing and cloud file storage. “It just works”, says Apple. We agree.

With OS X Yosemite, Apple added a little feature to allow logging in to your Mac using your iCloud password. Considering the fact that your iCloud password is used for several different services – including but not limited to the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and your email inbox – it makes good sense to include your Mac OS X Yosemite login password the same as iCloud account password. It is one less password to remember!

Microsoft started offering this with Windows 8 when it included a feature to sync PC settings across different Windows machines using OneDrive. I, too, use my OneDrive password to login to my Windows PC.

Now, to use iCloud password to login on Mac, you must follow these steps, young Padawan:

Step #1: Click on the Apple button in the menu bar.

Step #2: Select System Preferences.

Step #3: Click on Users & Groups.

Step #4: Click on the primary account you use on your Mac. This is likely just your Admin account.

Step #5: Click on Change Password.

use iCloud password to login on Mac OS X Yosemite

Step #6: Click on Use iCloud Password when you see a popup.

Step #7: For verification purposes, OS X Yosemite will ask you to enter your old password, as well as your iCloud password.

Step #8: Click on Use iCloud Password.

That’s it! You are now using your iCloud password to login to your Mac on OS X Yosemite. It is safe to say this feature will be part of future OS X releases, too.

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