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How to Use Google to Order Food Without an App

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Craving for Vietnamese food but don’t want to go out of your house? Thanks to technology, you can now order food and have conveniently it delivered to your doorstep without making too much effort. All you need is your smartphone.

There are several food delivery apps you can use depending on your location. However, the good news is, you don’t even have to download apps on your phone to order your favorite food. Just make sure you have google installed on your device.

Through partnerships with various delivery services, Google has come up with its own service: Google Delivery. Now, you can place your order via Google search engine, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. If you don’t want to be bothered by downloading food delivery apps on your phone, then Google Delivery is your best bet.

How it Works

If you want to order food online, you can either go do it through a delivery app or go straight to the restaurant’s website. Now, there’s another option. Through Google Delivery, you can conveniently place your order through Google. Here’s how.

Look for the Order Online button in Google. The first step is to open Google search on your phone and click on the Order Online button in the search button or through Google Maps.

The button will appear after you search for a restaurant that is supported by the service. Users can directly place an order via Google Delivery without having to create an account with any of the delivery services. Just log in to your Google account to conduct the transaction.

Place your order. Users have the option of choosing between pick-up or delivery. Then select which service you want to order your food. Supported restaurants will show you several options including the menu, minimum order amount, and delivery fees.

There’s also an option where you can type in the coupon or promo code. Users can also use their credit card or Google Pay to pay for it.

Use Google Assistant as an option. Another option is to use Google Assistant to help you go through the process of ordering. However, you’ll have to tap and input certain information on your screen eventually to place the order.

In case, you don’t want to go through the entire menu and just want the same order you’ve placed before, Google Assistant can help you access your previous orders online so you can easily view it on your phone.

Checkout your items. When you’re done with your selection, open your cart to check the items you’ve ordered. When you’re done with your selection, tap Go to Order and Checkout.

Make sure to review your order and confirm the delivery address, time of delivery, and payment method. You can also add a tip. Once, you’ve confirmed all details, click Place Order. Once you’re done, you will receive an email along with a copy of your order receipt.

Order Food with Google Delivery

Mobile phone users are required to set up a Google account and include the payment information and delivery address. Google Delivery will prompt you to input your information when placing an order. All selections are made via Google’s interface.

Google Delivery is just one of the latest features Google has come up with to make things easier and more convenient for users. Other services offered by Google are Google Duplex and Google Lens. However, with its limited function, these services were also met with limited success.

Google Delivery is currently available in the US. For those outside the US, you will just have to wait and see if this feature will be made available in your country. In the meantime, check out the best Vietnamese food delivery here.

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