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How to Use EAT to Outrank Your Competitors on Google

Use EAT to Outrank Your Competitors, Google algorithm, What is eat, adding facts to content, adding statistics to content

Staying on top of your search engine optimization strategies (SEO) includes understanding how search engine algorithm updates work to influence the search engine results pages (SERPs). With Google—perhaps the biggest search engine in the world—adapting to its algorithm tweaks can make all the difference in getting your brand’s content in front of users before your competitors do.

The addition of EAT criteria has significantly affected the way webpages are ranked in Google search results. EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) refers to the standards that a website has to meet to determine if the content is high quality or delivers value to users.

Expertise refers to the level of knowledge on a particular topic held by the content creator. Authoritativeness is the overall image or reputation of the content, its creator, and the site in its entirety. Finally, trustworthiness is the combination of the resulting expertise and authoritative aspects of the website.

Having a page and content that aligns with the EAT criteria tells Google that your brand is a reputable source of information that users will highly benefit from. In fact, they’re more likely to find information or solutions that better align with their needs.

You also demonstrate to them that your site is secure enough to share data on and make transactions. Users are also protected by these criteria from low quality, inaccurate, or even misleading information that can affect their financial stability, safety, happiness, or health.

To better qualify for EAT, one of the best methods is to create authoritative content that shows your brand’s grasp of its niche. Incorporating facts, data, and statistics into your content, investing in original research and insights, and simplifying jargon make your content more effective.

All in all, EAT remains a powerful force in determining the SERPs. By rewarding only the highest quality of content, brands are pushed to elevate their digital marketing practices and develop content with strong EAT. To get a headstart of improving your content for these criteria, check out the infographic below.


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