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How to Use Business Technology to Boost Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement

Did you know that in the U.S. employee engagement is 34%? That’s a small increase from previous years, however, this shocking statistic still means that two-thirds of the U.S. workforce aren’t fully engaged with their jobs. 

Keep reading if you want to find out how business technology can help to boost your employee engagement levels. 

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is an indication of how much your employees are invested in your business. Employees who are engaged with your business are more likely to give their all and want the whole company to succeed. These employees aren’t as bothered about the salary or the benefits, instead, they want to work as a team and feel like they are adding value.

Having an entire workforce who works at full capacity and wants the best for the company is invaluable to your business’s success. There are several ways you can inspire higher levels of workplace engagement. One way you can do that is by combining business and technology.

How to Use Information Technology in Business Effectively

When thinking about technology uses in business you might think about how the latest technological advances can improve your sales. However, what you might not think about is the missing link between sales and technology. The missing link is your employees. Happy employees will improve your sales. But how do you use new business technologies effectively and how can they help?

1. Communication is Key

Technology can improve your employee’s communication. Ensuring better communication across your business means that employees can send and receive vital information quicker and easier. It also means that they can bond and feel more like a team. Having greater bonds between colleagues can help to boost morale, reduce workplace stress, and means that employees are less likely to be off sick. 

There is a whole wide range of communication options available for both in-office and remote workers. For example, your business could use Slack, Skype, e-mail, or another online meeting platform. You might also set up team WhatsApp groups, so your team is always in contact.

2. Invest in Your Employees

Another way you can show your employees that you value them is by offering them training and ways to improve both their professional and personal passions. Technology offers a wide range of online training courses and learning platforms that can benefit you and your employees.

Many businesses choose to give employees the benefit of a certain amount of dollars to spend on their training. Giving your employees the choice of what they want to do shows that you value and trust them.

Alternatively, you can invest in employees who are returning back to work. A great way you can support your employees when they are returning to work or doing lighter duties is by providing them with an engaging web-based platform, such as workers comp light duty, that provides safety training to rehabilitate them. 

3. Trust Your Employees with Technology

Technology surrounds us all and it impacts our daily lives massively. Another way you can use technology to show you value your employees is to show them that you trust them. Engaged employees won’t be sat wasting hours on their phones, so trust that your employees are doing the right thing. 

Having restrictions on technology at work can be disheartening for your employees.

Remember that the occasional break is actually better for productivity. So allow your employees to go on their phones and other devices if they choose to. After all, your employee playing a game for 5 minutes or chatting to a friend might actually spark a huge surge of creativity within them.

4. Encourage Peer to Peer Recognition 

Use technology to provide recognition to your employees, such as having a leaderboard for your sales team and an employee of the month trophys. You might also want to think about how technology can be used for peer-to-peer recognition. This helps your colleagues become closer and bond as they encourage one another.

This type of encouragement and recognition is very beneficial for the overall well-being of your employees.

Some employees might not get along with their bosses, or their bosses are always too busy to notice all the good work they are doing. But that’s where peer recognition helps those employees shine through and get noticed. You might choose to use a communication platform such as Slack and include all your employees in one of the chats and do daily or weekly shoutouts.

Alternatively, you might decide to use a tool such as Salesforce Chatter, that allows your employees to support and recognize one another.

5. Ask for Feedback

Another way to use technology to boost employee engagement is to ask them for regular feedback. You could choose to run a monthly anonymous feedback survey, where your employees say what they do and don’t like about the business. Alternatively, you might decide to have a virtual open-door policy and create a safe space online where employees can leave feedback or ask any questions they have. 

Boost Your Employee Engagement with Our Business Technology Ideas

If you’re looking to improve your business then you need to look at the problems you’re currently facing. It might be useful to conduct an anonymous employee feedback session, to see how satisfied your employees are. Be sure to boost your employee engagement and have your whole workforce working at full capacity with our business technology ideas. 

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