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How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is now everywhere when it comes to promoting business online or generating more leads. With the advancement in technology, the majority of people had made it their hobby to buy and sell everything online. So that they don’t have to go outside to meet the persons and convince them for the sale or purchase. Using digital marketing in your business, no matter small or large, you can earn a huge amount of profit and better results that you no longer can achieve using traditional marketing. Best of all, we just want to say that digital marketing has made a great impact on the technological world.

However, in digital marketing, building marketing campaigns, strategies and timely promotion are quite hectic for one single person. Therefore companies hire a different person for different profiles having a relevant experience like a social media manager to optimize social media timely, email marketing manager to manage overall records of emails, and business analyst to measure the overall ROI. Don’t you ever think it should be simple and hassle-free? Obviously, it should be! Therefore, technology provides us with Artificial Intelligence that eliminates the hassle of hiring different persons. It just made everything so simple and convenient.

Let’s Get know Little More About Artificial Intelligence:

More than just a machine learning technology, it is science that deals with building intelligent machines like robots that can think and respond like a human being. It holds wonderful future opportunities in digital marketing too. The impact of Artificial Intelligence goes far beyond the thinking and imagination of a normal person. On average, every day more and more, businesses are depending on this technology for cutting-edge applications with more business opportunities and enhanced conversion rate.

As a digital marketer, it is very essential for you to analyze the problems that your online digital marketing business is facing and how accurate insights can solve these problems. So, don’t look out for the other ways to solve issues you are facing, just adapt the Artificial Intelligence in your organization and experience a new phase of your digital marketing business.

Boost Your Digital Marketing Business Using Artificial Intelligence:

Advanced Chatbots:

Many businesses or brands have started to communicate with their potential customers through applications like Slack, Facebook, Whatsapp and many more. These apps are helpful since consumers are already using these tools to chat with friends, colleagues, and relatives. Just like these tools, chatbots are making the process of automating responses from consumer end hassle-free by offering them a way to search for product & service they have been looking for. The best about chatbox is the ability to answer open questions. It uses natural learning process as well as the machine learning process to discover the right response.

Apart from it, chatbots have many other advantages including:

  • The user may sometime get angry but chatbots always treat them calmly.
  • It can immediately respond to several requests from clients at the same time, so waiting time will no longer emerge as a major issue.
  • It is user-friendly and never lose their patience.
  • It can serve clients and retain their data 24/7.

AI impact on the world of Email Marketing:

Many businesses are using the power of Artificial Intelligence to personalize their email marketing campaigns based on user behavior and other preferences. It makes it possible to better connect with them, and with a bit of luck, turn those users into potential clients. AI learning analyzes millions of data about the user to then determine the best time to connect the user, which type of content catches their attention, which email subject & titles generate more leads and business opportunities.

Wouldn’t you like to know all about AI so you can launch the main metrics of your Digital Marketing campaigns?

A/B test takes more time than expected and can have various margin errors along with it, then AI stands out from the crowd and helps you in personalizing email marketing content for each user.

There are 3 important tools that you can implement in email marketing.

  1. MailChimp
  2. Persado
  3. Boomtrain
    These 3 tools will definitely help you provide your consumer with a seamless email experience when they go through with it.

Voice search will be the standard:

With the discovery of virtual assistants, voice search has become a new phenomenon that will prove quite handier in the days to come. From a more effective use of smartphones, autonomous cars, and in-home assistant devices, voice search is surely here to stay to beat the competitive market. There are already so many devices that depend on voice commands, such as Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Home.

From this viewpoint of digital marketing, it will definitely make a phenomenal impact in the fastest-growing marketing industry. As we know algorithms of search engines keep on changing with the new techniques and have become less oriented to keywords while more capable of deciphering queries and inferring meanings. Thus, long-tail keywords will be frequently replaced with more conversational keywords, it’s up to the way the user would say something. This means voice search with AI incorporates a more impulsive approach. Also, as people are busier nowadays and looking to have a quick response, voice search will enable shorter interaction and save their precious time.

What are you waiting for?

Use AI in Digital Marketing campaigns today and grow your business worldwide in a shorter time and inconvenient manner. As now, you are aware of the benefits of Automation Intelligence, we don’t think you need to look out for other ways to generate more leads and improve the conversion rate in your digital marketing business. Just go through the AI once and then implement it in your digital marketing campaigns.

Author Bio: Stephen Forde is the CEO of Media Fortress, a digital marketing & web hosting firm. He handles all operations of Media Fortress to provide clients quality SEO Services in Australia. He has served many companies in Adelaide, Australia till date by implementing the best Search Engine Optimisation Adelaide and still has been working with the many. Client satisfaction & business perspectives are the top-notch priorities for him. Thus, to achieve so, he always works on the latest SEO trends and techniques.

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