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How to Upgrade Your Tech on a Budget

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When your tech needs an upgrade the costs can quickly add up, and if you are on a tight budget you can feel as though you are missing out on the latest innovations. The good news is, your tech could be refreshed much sooner than you thought. Here’s how.

Don’t Pay Full Price

If you are patient, those once-a-year sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday could help you save a significant amount of money on tech. Depending on the product, you may be able to negotiate a better deal if you are paying cash or if a competitor has a cheaper price.

Look for a slightly older or refurbished model that is still an upgrade compared to what you currently have. It won’t be as expensive as the latest version, and it should still have plenty of features.

Remember, paying for functions you don’t need could leave you with an empty bank account. Take the time to research products before buying and read the reviews. This will help you determine whether there is a cheaper alternative. This could be the same brand or something completely different.

DIY Installation

New tech can be expensive to install, but if you are prepared to DIY, it could save you money. For example, security camera systems that require an electrician for installation can be a costly project. Lorex has a range of high-quality security camera systems that can be ordered online, delivered to your door and installed by yourself, potentially saving hundreds of dollars. Upgrade your tech and increase the safety of your home with a DIY solution.

Trade In Your Old Tech

Some tech companies will give you credit when you trade in your old products for new. The added benefit of this is that they can be recycled, making this a more environmentally friendly option. You may be able to rent tech, swapping it when a newer model comes out. For example, a router for your computer could be on a plan with your internet. This may work out more expensive in the long run, but monthly payments could be more manageable.

Another option for getting rid of your old tech for cash is an online marketplace. These buy-swap-sell sites can get you the extra money you need to buy something new.

Add Extras

Can your current tech be modified for better performance? Sometimes a few simple additions can make a big difference. For example, new speakers, a memory card, battery or a system upgrade could transform your old gadgets into a more usable product.

These minor upgrades could make your tech last longer, giving you more time to save up for a brand new item.

Upgrading Your Tech on a Budget IS Possible

If your home technology is not functioning as it should, there are a few options for improvement on a budget. Consider DIY installation or save your money for a big sale. Trade-in or sell old products you no longer need to get what you want sooner.

When the cost of the latest technology is out of your reach, consider upgrading what you already have. A new battery, speaker or keyboard could improve your gadget and make it feel like new.

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