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How To Unpair Your iPhone And Apple Watch

Yes, yes we are teaching you how to unpair your iPhone and Apple Watch. And it isn’t just for getting up another post either. There are a couple of reasons why you would want to do that and when you would need to you will thank me, you will see. You might already know how to pair your two devices with each other but there could be scenarios in which you would be scrambling online searching for exactly how to unpair your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Hopefully you won’t have this problem but say you were experiences connectivity issues between your iPhone and your Apple Watch. You might want to unpair your devices and then pair them again as part of a troubleshooting process (the ol’ turning it off and on again). Another time you might need to know this is if you decide to sell your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Anyways, if I have successfully convinced you and you do decide to read on, the unpairing process is simple, quick and easy. Before you begin you need to have both your devices close together. Next, go to the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone. From the app tap ‘My Watch’. Tap to select ‘Apple Watch’. You will see an option to ‘Unpair Apple Watch’ tap on that button. Confirm on the dialog box that pops up.

When you unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone all content and saved settings are erased from your Apple Watch but don’t worry your iPhone creates a backup of this information before unpairing. You can choose to restore that data to a new Apple Watch that you pair with your iPhone. There is also a way to unpair your devices directly from the Apple Watch. On your Watch go to ‘Settings’, then choose ‘General’, then ‘Reset’ and finally ‘Erase all Content and Settings’.

If you still don’t get the point of this post and would like to learn something actually useful read how to fix a sticky Digital Crown on the Apple Watch. And please tell us in the comments below why you wanted to unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone.

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