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How to Tell a Quality Casino from Scam: Five Simple Lifehacks 

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Despite the fact that during recent years, the online casino gambling niche has become more and more transparent and secure, there are still cases of scams and fraud happening at online casinos from time to time. We can find dozens of unhappy gamblers complaining over gambling platforms, on specialized forums, and on social media. 

However, considering the abundance of offers online, little wonder that some scammy and unreliable sites manage to sneak in, and pretend to be decent. This is why it is so important to play only on quality online casino sites that are reputable and trustworthy. But how to tell a good casino from a bad one? And why is it so hard to choose an online casino for real money play? 

Why Choosing an Online Casino is Challenging?  

Choosing online casino sites can be challenging even for experienced online gamblers, let alone beginner wannabe gamblers. The reason is that online casinos are complicated structures, and there are many aspects that can impact the user experience and can act as a make it or break it factor eventually. 

One of the most reliable ways of choosing a high-quality and decent online casino is reading reviews like those produced by CasinosHunter, and opt for reliable sites from recommended lists. Reviews provide an objective evaluation of the offers and expose potential pitfalls or unfavorable playing conditions that some gamblers may fail to notice. 

However, even such big and productive platforms like CasinosHunter cannot track all the new casinos that appear, to review them, and also timely track all the changes made by previously reviewed casino sites. This is why every casino gambler still has to be able to evaluate the quality of a casino site, and five simple lifehacks presented below will help them do that. 

Lifehack #1: Check Legitimacy 

Check the legitimacy of the casino site before you even register an account with it, and share your sensitive information. The legitimacy is defined by the license that the site holds, in the first place. Then, find the casino owner/operator, and google what other casinos they own, and whether these casinos are of high quality. Look for any badges of additional testing and certifications, like those by eCOGRA. Any seals of trust provided by the third parties are also a good sign, but please keep in mind that badges can be fake, so make sure you click on them and see if the badge is actually licked to the corresponding authority.  

Lifehack #2: Check Reputation 

The reputation of an online casino, especially a new one, is hard to check, but yet, not completely impossible. Online casinos start attracting players from day 1, and as a result, you can look for real player feedback on forums, social networks, and online casino reviewing platforms such as CasinosHunter. Both very good feedback and very bad feedback should make you equally cautious. 

Lifehack #3: Explore Partners 

The main partners of any online casino are software providers and payment processing companies. You should check both groups.  

Software providers develop casino games and also different software solutions for casinos. The more software providers are licked to the casino site, and the more those software providers are reliable, the better. If the site is only powered by one or two providers, you should be careful with it – unless it is run by this software provider themselves. 

Payment processing companies provide payment options – payment gateways – to enable the casino to accept deposits and process withdrawals. The more banking options are offered, and the faster they are, the better. 

Lifehack #4: Assess Bonuses 

Bonuses and promotions have an indirect bearing on the reliability or trustworthiness of casino sites, but the quality of promotions can directly show the casino’s quality of service. If the site has humble but realistic bonuses with adequate rules applied, high chance the casino site can afford actually paying these bonuses to its customers. Huge jaw-dropping bonuses are almost always too good to be true and have some pesky rules behind them. If you feel the bonuses are not adequate, better proceed without them, or look for a different casino. 

Lifehack #5: Reach out to Customer Support 

A decent online casino should offer a wide range of channels to contact Customer Support – ideally, a phone number, a Live Chat, and an email (or several phone numbers and several emails). Don’t be shy to contact the Support early, even before you register, and ask them questions. The faster they respond, and the more helpful they are, the better. If they do not care about you because you are not yet a registered customer, there are high chances they will not care about you much even when you are a registered customer. 

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