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How to Take Product Photos With Ease?

Product Photo

Taking product photos can be done by professionals, but with the right equipment and some skills, you can do it on your own. When you’re somebody who’s trying to sell things on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc., you need to think about a few things to take product photos with ease and boost your sales incredibly.

Adjusting the Background

Ever wonder how all those e-commerce products have a beautiful white background and you can only see the product? It’s because the photographers taking those product photos use one of three things:

  • Light tent: It’s an affordable solution for any photographer, it distributes light evenly so that the product remains in the focus of the photo. You can make one yourself, or buy one that comes with extra LED lights.
  • Background remover: There’s a possibility that you know how to do this using some kind of editing software. However, if you don’t use any editing software, you can click here and remove the background behind the product.
  • Shooting table: Another good solution is a shooting table, and it’s quite an affordable option as well. It provides a white background for your product, and it’s portable. You can make your own using some paper or drapes and a chair.

Adjusting the Product Position

It’s extremely important to find the right position for your product in front of the background. Also, it’s important to try shooting the photo from different angles. Imagine taking a photo of a necklace that’s tilted.

Or, imagine taking a photo of a product where you can see the edge of the background. A good option is drawing a line where the product is supposed to fit. This way, you can always place it in the same position.

Lighting Is Important

Many lightboxes and light tents come with adjustable lights. This means that we can adjust the brightness, dim the lights if we need to. Of course, depending on the type of product, you might want a more natural setting that requires natural lights during an eCommerce photoshoot for online store products.

Also, when you have a product that’s a gadget or tool, you might want more artificial lights. It’s all about the lighting, and the good thing is that you can always do a little editing after the photoshoot to add contrast to the photo and change the brightness.

Strength Is In Numbers

When we say “strength in numbers” we really mean it because there is strength in numbers, and this applies to taking photos. Taking multiple photos ensures that you’ll have the possibility to choose the best one.

Product PhotosImages Source: 

Plus, when you know how to use editing software properly, you can create one amazing photo from multiple photos by overlapping, cropping, using the good details from good photos, and eliminating the bad ones from the bad.

It’s no easy task, going through a lot of photos means that you’ll have to look at your computer screen for a long time, and that can be quite tiring. However, once you’re done the product photo is going to be magnificent.

An Edit Away…

Editing your photos is the final step in any product photoshoot, and there’s a plethora of free photo editing software online. Of course, if you use all the previous things correctly, you can skip this step and post the photos online.

However, e-commerce is a tricky thing, and everything needs to be flawless. So, doing a little bit of editing goes a long way. This means that you can correct colors, remove objects, and do some tweaks to the lighting.

Photo Optimization

Unfortunately, the higher the quality of the photo we take, the larger the file. The larger the file, the slower the loading speed, etc. When our e-commerce website has a slow loading speed, it turns away customers. Luckily, most sites do compression and conversion to their standards.

But, if you’re running your e-commerce website, or making a go of it, you might want to consider saving your images as small as possible because they’ll upload faster, and they won’t result in slow loading times.


There you have it. It doesn’t take a professional to make a good product photo for an e-commerce business. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune to be a good photographer, you can make the equipment yourself, except for the camera, of course.

Remember to adjust the brightness, the background, and the product position. Take as many photos as possible to have a better choice and pick the best one. Finally, edit and optimize, because they should look perfect but be small.

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