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How to String a Nylon String Guitar

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Restringing or changing the strings of the guitar is not a very difficult task. Some people use professionals to change or string their guitars, which costs a few bucks. If you do it yourself, it will save you the cost.

Changing the strings of nylon string guitar is not the same as a steel-string guitar. There have some differences in the process. They are built differently without having any ball ends of badge pins to attach the bridge of an acoustic guitar.

In this article, we will demonstrate the way to string a nylon string guitar most easily. Hopefully, it will be helpful to you and save you money.

How to String a Nylon String Guitar

There are some ways to string a nylon string guitar. You don’t have to be very expert in doing it. We are giving you some easy steps here. These are as follows:

Insert your nylon string

Find a clean place to string the guitar first and keep a hard paper behind the bridge so that any damages can not happen when you are stringing your guitar. At first, but the end of the string through the hole in the bridge. Pull tail up and wrap it around the main length of the line.

Create a loop

Create a loop by wrapping it around the main length of the string.

Spin the string

Then wrap the tail of the string under the loop to spin the string around itself. Twist the end of the nylon string under the loop repeatedly. Repeat it u8ntil the end of the string finishes.

Tightening the string with the bridge

You have to tighten the string with the bridge. Hold the tail of the string on the one hand and the main length on the other hand and pull the line tight.

Keep enough string loose

The task of the bridge side is finished. Keep enough string loose so that you can use it for tightening furthermore.

Attach to a tuner

Now you have to attach the other side of the string with the guitar. The other side of the string will be connected with the tuning machine. Just insert the other end side of the line into the hole of the tuning machine and then pass the peghead end of the string up so that it can be looped under the series.

Hold and Tighten

Hold the string with your upright fist and pull the loop tight against the roller with your left hand. Tighten the string as you need.

This is how you can string your nylon string guitar. This is a straightforward process, and you seriously don’t need to go to any professional for doing it. When you start stringing, you’re the second one string that means 5th string, and you have to tuck the end of the first string under the new series that means 5th one.

Once you finish the stringing the 6th string, you have to cut the excess line. Using the same method, you have to complete the full process of stringing your nylon string guitar.

Things to Know About Nylon String Guitar

There have some essential things which you should know when you are using a nylon string guitar. These are as follows:

Nylon strings are not fully nylon

Nylon string is not 100% nylon. Here E, A, D strings are wrapped with metal.

Nylon string has a longer lifetime

Nylon string has not any problem of erosion or rust. That is why it lasts for a long time.

Nylon strings are the best for the beginners

These strings are not painful for fingers; that is why these are the best for beginners.

Nylon strings are the best for style

These strings are very softer to play and easier on your fingertips. You will be able to play it very comfortably.

How can you take care of guitar strings?

If you want to play your guitar without any hassle, you must take care of its strings. We are giving some rules of the maintenance of your guitar’s strings:

Swabbing your guitar strings

Swabbing down your strings will increase their lifetime. Clean your guitar’s strings before and after using it. It will help you to get better sound for a long time.

Conditioning your guitar

A lot of products you will get for cleaning and conditioning your guitar strings. Use them for the betterment of your guitar playing experience.

You should follow these things to use your guitar correctly and getting a fresh and smooth sound.


Stringing guitar nylon is an effortless task. We think after reading this article, you will also be agreed with us. So, it is useless to go to a professional for stringing your guitar. It will cost a few bucks unnecessarily.

Better, you can follow this article for stringing your nylon string guitar very quickly. In this article, we have demonstrated the most accessible way on how to string a nylon string guitar. We hope that it will be constructive for you to learn to string your guitar.

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