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How To Store CBD Products


There should be an expiration date on the label of CBD products, but expiration dates serve primarily as a confirmation that the product has been stabilized and is safe for consumption. Depending on the quality of the CBD product and the way it is stored, it may last beyond the expiration date.

Several factors will determine how effective and how long the product will remain effective when it is addressed by the product itself (and not how it is stored); this depends on the quality of the product, such as high-quality active ingredients, a quality extraction process to obtain those ingredients from hemp plants, and a high-quality carrier oil like the Melrose MCT Oils & Powder for storing the active ingredients.

Depending on the local climate, how much the product will be used, and how much they plan to keep, refrigerated storage might be the best option for some people.

CBD E-Liquid

The CBD in CBD e-liquid won’t be harmed by being stored in the fridge, but it may cause crystallization of sugars in the flavorings, which can negatively affect the taste. Those who don’t like CBD’s earthy taste may find this an advantage. Click here to learn more ways to store your CBD products.

Crystallization of CBD products can also occur naturally at lower temperatures – crystallization occurs naturally whenever products contain more than 80% CBD, so the better the product, the more likely you are to see crystallization. 

It isn’t a problem to refrigerate CBD e-liquid for long-term storage, and gentle heat can encourage CBD re-dissolution, so it may be a good idea to heat your CBD before vaping.  If your battery is working harder to heat cold e-liquid, you can expect a dead battery sooner rather than later.

CBD Gummies 

The process of storing CBD gummies at Hifi Farms might seem straightforward, but you should know a few things about these tasty treats. CBD gummies may require different storage methods depending on the season. 

Your CBD gummies might be left in your car as you travel a lot for work. If this happens in the winter, you won’t have a problem, but as the summer approaches, your gummies may turn into sticky messes. In addition to storing your CBD gummies properly, let’s examine some other reasons. 

In the same way, you would store normal gummies, CBD gummies should be stored away from the Sun, in a cool, dark, dry environment. If buying CBD gummies in bulk, you should keep an open packet in a cupboard, and the rest in a refrigerator to keep them fresh. The only exception would be long-term storage (again), so if you bulk buy CBD gummies, store one open packet in a cupboard and the rest in the refrigerator.

As CBD gummies don’t actually freeze, they become chewier, a taste that many consumers may enjoy! You can also store CBD gummies in the freezer – it extends their shelf life.

CBD Gummies

CBD Oils

Storage requirements for carrier oils and extracts differ based on the oil, such as coconut oil, MCT oil, and hemp oil. The longevity of hemp oil, for example, can be extended by refrigerating it. There are even some products that specify that they should be refrigerated after opening, although some users question whether this is necessary. In general, CBD oils and extracts should be stored according to a few rules.

It is fine to store CBD oils in a cool, dark place, however, storing them in the fridge may help to ensure the longest shelf life possible. CBD oils can also be stored like CBD e-liquids and even cooking oils: keep them in a cool, dark place and in the fridge for best results.  

It is worth noting that, just like CBD e-liquids, CBD oil products that contain a high CBD concentration can crystallize, meaning that as the CBD crystallizes, it is removed from the solution, reducing its potency. Thus, the consumer does not get all the CBD their product contains, resulting in inaccurate dosing and wasted money. 

A fridge can help extend a bottle’s shelf life when it’s stored for long periods of time, but a bottle of CBD oil that’s currently being used can be stored in a dark, cool place until needed.

The quality of your CBD oil or e-liquid can be stored in a freezer without affecting it, but this will result in a longer wait when it comes time to use it. It’s likely that refrigeration will be all you need to get through a handful of bottles before they expire. 

The Importance Of Storing CBD Products Safely

There is a long lifespan expected of CBD products when you buy them. When CBD products are stored poorly, their validity is greatly reduced or destroyed, effectively wasting the CBD. Keeping CBD products in a safe place can prevent others from consuming them, which poses a safety risk (especially for pets and children under the age of 18). Unsuspecting passersby may be attracted to CBD products that have a delicious smell or colorful design. Visit to learn ways to store your CBD safely.

Further, extreme temperatures can lower the effectiveness of the product depending on the climate you live in. To get the most benefit and efficiency from your CBD products, it’s important to store them properly. Properly storing your CBD products is imperative for several reasons.

Your CBD products can gradually become ineffective if they are exposed to ultraviolet light, heat, or air. It is easy to forget CBD products in your car, on your windowsill, or near a heat source (like an oven or stove). If you live in a hot climate without air conditioning, it is best to store CBD in the refrigerator or freezer. As long as children or pets cannot access these areas easily, CBD products can also be stored in medicine cabinets, pantry shelves, and dresser drawers.

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