How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

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Remote working was once considered as a luxury, but now after the spread of the novel Covid-19 pandemic, it has been on the rise. Coronavirus, by hitting all corners of the world has drastically affected the lives of people in a way no one had ever imagined. From wearing masks, sanitizing hands, isolating, telecommuting, and what not, quarantining is mandatory until the virus is controlled.

One side of telecommuting has loads of perks for employees, like the freedom to do the tasks at a feasible time and place, peace of mind, saving time, and more. However, the other side brings some challenges like a repeated distraction, tactical issues, work delays, less communication, and more. This challenge becomes double when managers and supervisors believe in the myth that remote workers do not produce as much as they need to.

To help you remain productive while working from home, here is a list of five handy tips. No matter if you are working from home for a long time, or just need to do so due to the current lockdown, this blog is a complete guide. Let’s get started.

Set a Dedicated Workspace

The biggest challenge arises for remote workers when they don’t set a designated space to do their work. A lot of employees tend to work in a space surrounded by people, like TV lounge, living rooms, kitchen counter, and more. Whether you work in the living room, tv lounge, and kitchen, there is always some stuff that can distract you by reminding you of house chores. To remain concentrated on the work, always go for setting a clutter-free space in a home with proper lighting and an internet system. Designating a particular area for your work helps in avoiding outside interruptions from family, as well as in increased productivity. 

Set Boundaries 

Being efficient and productive is another big challenge in telecommuting. Admit it, in your home office, when you are not in the immediate eye of your supervisors, chances become double to get distracted from your work. The situation becomes worst if your spouse, fighting kids, pets, messy room, etc. distract you repeatedly.

An effective way to tackle this situation is to set some boundaries for home and office mode and stick to them. Although it seems difficult to avoid your family during working hours, however, it’s not being selfish if you are getting better results by doing so. Establish a work-life balance, convince your family members to not disturb while working, and talk to them in breaks.  

Fix Your Work Schedule

No matter how much you are responsible for your work, there comes a time you will find yourself stuck in a messed routine. Maybe you are giving all your time to the office by completely cutting off your family, that is a sign of having no work-life balance. So, while working remotely, you need to establish a routine that includes your start day time, end day time and midday breaks. Doing this will help you to stick on a fixed routine and keep you on a path of your workload. Further, it also sends a positive impression of you towards your supervisor that you are sincere and punctual about your work.

Give Yourself Short Breaks

Although the concept of taking breaks during working hours may seem to result in anti-productive, the truth is something very different. Remember, taking short breaks never means scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok videos, and more. Your brain needs some rest from work to avoid fatigue, boost creativity, and maximize your productivity level. Taking short breaks with some light snacks will help you to keep mentally fresh rather than spending eight hours continuously in one sitting. For those who don’t maintain a work-life balance always end up getting frustrated with low productivity.

Discover the Time When Your Mind Triggers

Since five fingers are not equal, so all individuals are most productive at different times. Some people are night owls and their mind activates fully at night. While some are morning people, and they perform best in the early morning and the list goes on. Determine which time suits you the best and once fixing your working hours, stick to them strictly.

Use Right Communication Tools

In today’s tech innovative era, you have no excuse to stay unorganized in the presence of plenty of collaborative communication tools. Several tools are there to help you effectively communicate with your teammates and stay focus on your tasks. These include Trello, Slack, Dropbox, Focus Booster, Asana, and much more. Such tools help you to maintain a healthy workflow between you and the team you are working for. 

Eliminate the Use of Social Media

Social media can be a big time-sucker for you. This case becomes worst when you are working from home and no boss is keeping an eye on your browsing history. By muting your social media notifications in working hours and minimizing its mindless use, you can avoid distractions and stay focused on your work. 

Keep Yourself Healthy 

Needless to say, that your health is the major aspect in being productive during your working hours. Skipping lunches and spending long hours sitting on your place will eventually lead your health to down. Poor health badly affects your creativity level and leaves you exhausted all the time. Plus, continuously keeping your eyes on the screen is also harmful to your eyes. Look away from your screen for a few seconds after every 20 minutes to avoid damaging your eyes. 

The last thing you should consider to remain healthy is food. Although snacking between working hours is vital to get energetic and fit but that does not mean to put extra pounds on yourself by eating fatty things. 

Stay Organized to Stay Productive

There is no prediction when the COVID-19 pandemic will be going to end. With that said, you must have to work from home for the sake of your lives. To deal with work from home challenges, the key to staying organized and productive is implementing the above-mentioned tips in your job. You can also take help with some video conferencing tools like genius videos that motivate and guide you the effective ways to contribute your work in corporations.  

In this lockdown, stay organized with your work, maintain a healthy diet, be creative, and spend quality time with your family.

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