How To Start An Automated Marketing Campaign 

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Email marketing is a means of brand promotion that is known as one of the critical factors in the development of online marketing. This online system works by using email to introduce products to consumers. Marketers send messages to the email addresses of prospective customers providing with information on the brand and giving details and benefits of the tool, platform, etc. Not only once, but marketers also have to send email drip campaigns regularly so that the consumers are interested and don’t forget their products. 

What Automated Email Marketing Is

How do marketers send emails routinely every day to each address of prospective customers? One by one? Of course not. Thanks to rapid technological developments, now, marketers can send emails automatically to potential customers altogether. Only with one setting, the marketer can send emails to each recipient’s address according to the time specified. Email can be sent automatically at specific times according to the sender’s wishes. All of that can be done by automated email marketing. That is a breakthrough that is very helpful in the world of marketing.

Actually, what is automated email marketing? According to the name, automated email marketing is an email delivery system where messages are sent automatically to each customer’s address. The emails are sent according to the time and schedule that the sender has specified. Very simple and practical. 

To do marketing, it’s not enough to rely on that method. Marketers must also develop their marketing techniques by learning and developing product campaigns. After the marketer makes a useful and exciting product campaign, then that’s where automatic email starts working. 

The primary purpose of email marketing is to inform without engaging with customers. Compared to new technologies such as social media, the email delivery system seems to be outdated. Although email has been used for more than 40 years, it is still an effective marketing method.

Automation Email Marketing Tools

Next, let’s get to know more about automated email marketing and how it works. The first thing is to see the type of automatic email that you can use. Particularly with email drip campaigns, the emails can be sent in two ways:

1. Based on triggers 

The email sequence looks like this: you create an email sequence with triggers and delays elements in the editor and the campaign starts being sent from the moment you click the Start button. The first email lands in the recipient’s Inbox, he or she opens it (so, the trigger is activated); after that, the delay element activates and the next email is sent when the time passes.

2. Scheduling

Scheduling is the feature that lets the created sequence be sent according to the time zone defined. You can choose the days and time period when the campaign is sent.

Both these types of campaigns can be sent with Drip Campaigns tool. Moreover, you can combine them: so the campaign will contain both triggers and delays and scheduling. 

Try Drip Campaigns

As you can see, drip marketing is a great thing in the contemporary digital world. When you choose the correct tool, the work really flows. Using Drip Campaigns, you will get lots of useful tools and features and benefits as well. What are you waiting for? You must try it now!

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