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How to Start A Career in Cybersecurity?

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The mantra for most of the cybersecurity enthusiasts for at least the last two decades, if not since the inception of the worldwide web, has been: ‘An online device is a vulnerable device’. This places cybersecurity at the forefront in today’s global business environment but that does not limit the cyber threats to corporate. Individual privacy and data protection have also been in the limelight for quite a while now.

While great technological advancements are welcomed in a strikingly fast manner, the challenges it brings with itself need to be addressed as proactively as the advancements themselves. The field of cybersecurity focuses on mitigating the risks associated with breaches in the cyber existence of the ‘netizens’.

Cybersecurity professionals are striving to develop sophisticated mechanisms to be implemented on an industrial scale in order to provide safeguards and data integrity in almost all areas of businesses along with private data owners. Considering the rapidly evolving cyber world, a career choice to become a cybersecurity expert could not have been more opportune.  With every organization realizing the importance of investing in cybersecurity, one is bound to find at least one vacancy in every competitive organization. NEIT can help you navigate a course to succeed in this exciting career. 

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How Viable is a Career in Cybersecurity?

According to the latest technological review trends, cybersecurity is among the top ten most employable fields but not enough experts in the field to cater to the growing needs of organizations willing to hire good talent. Since the field is newly introduced, the budgets allocated guarantee high salaries for the experts of cybersecurity ranging from $80,000 to $158,000 per year, which put this field in one of the highest-grossing jobs within the technology industry.

The mounting pressure on companies to get a fool-proof cyber environment to protect their cyber presence in the world makes a career in cybersecurity highly viable. Therefore, if you are a student trying to decide between which professional courses to choose for a well-paying job, or an information technology professional looking to switch careers, cybersecurity should be among your top choices.

Role of Cyber Security Expert

In a technologically advanced yet highly vulnerable age, it takes one loophole in the system for it to be hacked and an organization’s social capital and cyber identity to be compromised. A cybersecurity expert plays a critical role in both identifying the leak and fixing it against current and future threats.

The primary role of a cybersecurity expert is to first digitally protect all the sensitive data of an organization. Secondly, the data must travel through secure pathways both within the organization and with the outside world. Third, and most importantly, to safeguard the cyber system against any external cyber attacks by testing the cyberinfrastructure from the inside and fix any loopholes.

Career Path in the Field of Cybersecurity

As most of the information technology industry jobs, there are two basic entries into the field of cybersecurity. First is, after getting a bachelor’s degree in cyber technology courses as an intensive and then starting with a basic level of information technology personnel. The second one is more experience-based and dependant on interaction with real-life cybersecurity issues and applicable problem-solving skills of the individual.

Some of the job titles in the cybersecurity field are as follows:

  • Security Architect: Builds security structures and oversees an organization’s network and computer systems to ensure the functionality
  • Security Analyst: Develops security measures for an organization’s computer networks and monitors any threats to the system 
  • Cryptographer: Develops cipher and algorithms to encrypt important information for privacy
  • Intrusion Detection Specialist: Monitors cyber traffic for malicious activity and alerts in case of breach


Data is the new oil in today’s business environment and hence its safety and protection of privacy have become paramount international issues. Experts in the cybersecurity industry could very well be the champions of the battles being fought at the scale of the global village; therefore a career in cybersecurity is both needed and rewarding.

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