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How To Solve Your Apple Watch Start Up Problems

start up problems

Apple Watch Start Up Problems

The Apple Watch is a very valuable accessory that helps you perform tasks that would normally require an iPhone. However, users often face start up problems while turning on the smart watch. There are some easy solutions to these problems and you just have to follow this tutorial to troubleshoot these problems.

All versions of the Apple smart watch use the same watchOS to power on, so the solution to the problem is the same. Below are solutions to some of the problems you may be facing.   

If your Apple Watch shows a black screen:

If a completely black screen appears on your Apple Watch display and your watch isn’t responding to touch, make sure your device is powered on and the battery is not drained out to such an extent that the display cannot be turned on.

To fix this issue press the side button on your watch to turn on the display. If the display still does not turn on then hard reset the watch by pressing both side buttons of the watch and the digital crown for 10 seconds.

If the display still does not appear then charge your watch for a while and then repeat the steps given above.      

If a black screen is shown with time in green digital format:

If you experience this problem your watch may be in the power reserve mode. In this mode, you cannot access your Home or Goodies view. This mode is enabled to prolong the battery life of your Apple watch.

To disable the power reserve mode restart your watch by pressing the side button of your watch till the Apple logo appears.

You may face a variation of this problem in which the black screen displays a red thunderbolt along with the green digital time, which indicates low power. Simply charge the device to get back to the regular mode. 

If a black screen appears and your Apple Watch starts talking to you:

If your Apple watch starts up normally but then starts talking to you while a black screen appears then the VoiceOver is turned on. To turn off VoiceOver, you can launch Siri by holding the digital crown and asking Siri to turn off voice over

If your Apple watch does not react to tap:

If your watch does not react to touch, simple hold both side buttons and the digital crown of your watch for 10 seconds to hard restart it.

If your Apple watch hangs on the Apple logo during boot:

If your Apple watch hangs during boot try to hard restart it by following the step given above if the problem still remains contact Apple Customer care for repair or replacement.

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