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How To Rise Above Your Business Competitors

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Whether you’re a highly localized offering or a business competing on the global online space, large or a startup, it’s never been harder to compete for your customer’s attention. Modern customers are wary of promises that sound too good to be true, obvious marketing gimmicks, and are used to simply scrolling past information that’s clearly only designed to get them to part with their money. So how do you stand out in these conditions? Let’s take a look!

Offer Better Quality Than Anyone Else

Whether it’s your customer service, the product you’re selling, the support you offer, or the ease of navigating your website – in a world of quantity, quality always stands out. If you can prove your offering is superior, don’t be shy to let the world know. Make sure customer testimonials feature prominently and in an eye-catching format on your website (not tucked away somewhere in a lonely corner) and on your social media, as the savvy modern consumer is unlikely just to take your word for it. Ask happy customers to leave you a review online through your Google My Business listing or on your social media pages. If you’ve really provided a superior experience, many of them will be more than happy to do so.

Try Some Really Bold Marketing

Okay, yes, so sometimes risky marketing tactics backfire big time, but being a little edgy or tackling a hot issue –±±±±± done tastefully and thoughtfully, of course – can also get you noticed for all the right reasons. In a world where people are constantly bombarded with online advertising, a really clever or funny radio advert on your local station might be a more effective way to stand out, for example. You could try addressing a trending topic with your social media followers, asking for their take and their comments; or simply spicing up your email newsletter with something a little different. If you want to get noticed, sometimes you have to think a little outside the box and ditch the same old same old.

Roll Out New Tech Quickly

Many companies turn to technology to make a big leap in their offering – whether it’s unveiling a nifty new responsive website, migrating their entire operation to a cloud-based system or rolling out IT infrastructure that will be a game changer for their operation. If you’ve got some snazzy new tech in the pipeline, getting it up and running as quickly as possible is key to maintaining your momentum and potentially making big waves in your industry. If you’ve got a great IT project services partner by your side to make sure everything goes according to schedule, disruptive new tech can be one of the best ways to get your brand noticed.

Do Something Good

Younger customers, in particular, prefer to work with brands that give back to the community, do good with their profits, and actively focus on sustainability and their environmental and ethical responsibilities. Let your customers and public know that by supporting you they’re supporting a great cause – and they’ll reward you with their loyalty. Getting involved in community service and sharing some photos with your social media followers is also a great way to drive engagement while helping to raise awareness for the cause concerned. The great thing about this kind of strategy is that everyone wins.

Make Your Product Affordable to a Larger Range of Customers

If your salespeople frequently get the response that potential clients love the product but simply can’t afford it, it might be time to start thinking outside the box. Sometimes a few minor tweaks are all it takes to make your product or service available to a bigger market. Offering a monthly subscription rather than a lump sum payment might be one example, or literally creating a smaller or simpler version of a popular but pricey product without all the bells and whistles.

Offer Really Top-notch Customer Service

In a world where a call to the help desk frequently results in arguing with a computerized voice that can’t understand your question or trying to log an issue with a chatbot makes you feel like you’re stuck in a virtual loop, the personal touch goes a long, long way. Whether it queries on your social media pages, phone calls, emails or comments on your blog, responding quickly, politely, and with genuine concern is always a great policy. If your customer knows you’ve gone out of your way to be helpful and resolve their issue, they may well leave a nice comment or review online too.

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