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How To Remodel a Basement?

Remodel Basement

Most American houses have a basement to serve as an extra storage space. However, the need for a more vital room in your home could force you to remodel your basement and transform it into the main living space. Contactors like LJM Construction Inc can be assigned to the basement remodeling project. If you still want to remodel your basement by yourself, it’s necessary to follow these steps. 

Create A Remodeling Plan 

First, you need to create a remodeling plan. That comes after you decide what the main use of the new room you create in your basement is. Many people prefer to have a living room in their basement. If you have a large basement surface with many windows, you may also build a guest bedroom. No matter what you need to do, basement remodeling plans are necessary to guide you through the whole process.

Set the Necessary Budget

After deciding on the ideal basement transformation, you need to set a budget to make it happen. It’s crucial to determine the minimum and maximum amount of money you want to spend on basement remodeling. That will help you decide the quality of materials you will use and the tools you need to rent or buy to finish the remodeling. Even a slight budget deficit can cause a shortage of money and slow down or completely freeze the remodeling project for an indefinite time. That may cause further frustration to the family since the basement would have lost its initial usefulness.

Clean The Basement

Before planning any other construction works, you need to clear the basement from anything that could obstruct your project. It would be best to move closets, shelves, and equipment stored in the basement outside the house for as long as you need to remodel the room. Also, perform a thorough cleaning to ensure that all dust and debris are removed. It will also provide you a better opportunity to inspect the walls and floors. 

Check For Moisture

One of the biggest problems found in basements is moisture. Since the walls are in the ground, it has direct contact with underlying water. As a result, moisture could appear on the basement walls and ceiling. That is the first thing you should deal with when remodeling your basement. Not only will it make it easier for you to finish the remodeling project, but it will also protect the rest of your home.

Insulate the Walls and Ceiling

Today you may find numerous products offering quite impressive and reliable insulation to your basement walls and ceiling. Foamy materials and solid insulation plates are available in all sizes to fit your current basement needs. Insulation is one of the remodeling chores that takes time to complete. However, as soon as you are done, you will have a perfectly insulated place that needs less money to warm during winter, and you will never have to deal with mold.

Install More Drywalls To Create Rooms

The majority of basements are designed as one room without separating walls. If you want to have separate bedrooms in your basement, you should install more drywalls and paint. Placing the doors is an easy task after you have installed the drywalls the way you like. It’s the only secure way to allow you to create a living space with conditions similar to the ones on the other floors. 

Have the Electrical And Plumbing Equipment Fixed

Your home construction contractor may not have given a lot of focus and importance to the electrical and plumbing equipment in your basement. Since you want to remodel your basement, it’s prudent to inspect the current infrastructure and add new features if necessary. For instance, the creation of new bedrooms requires more sockets and switches. If you decide to create a kitchenette, you will need additional sockets and plumbing outlets to install a new faucet and sink.

Today basements have become the new living rooms for many American families. More people decide to invest in remodeling their basement and transforming it into an additional living space. However, basements are complex structures and have their particular needs to fulfill, which you should consider before you even start remodeling them. You should call an expert and sign a contract for a general basement reconstruction. That will give you the chance to perform all the necessary changes to your basement without worrying if you have made the right technical decision each time. A basement remodeling will give a new air to your existing home!

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