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How to Prevent Data Breaches and Protect Your Business

How to Prevent Data Breaches, Protect Your Business, Enforce secure passwords, Implement multi-factor authorization, Train employees on cybersecurity

The following article and infographic were provided by Embroker.  The infographic is being republished here with permission.

Is your company safe from cyberattacks? The short answer is most companies or businesses simply don’t know. Lawyers, business analysts, or other contractors have access to confidential information and tend to invest less in security — making them an easy target for hackers.

Regardless of your industry, keeping confidential information safe from threats should be top of mind — especially in 2020. First, consider how your business stores sensitive information. One of the best ways to protect your company (and clients) from cyberattacks is to know what hackers are after and establish preventative processes.

Cybersecurity threats, lawsuits, and client churn are just a few of the reasons data security should be top of mind. Consider implementing the following tips to prevent data breaches:

  • Enforce secure passwords: Require a specific criterion for numbers, letters, or special characters and ask that employees reset passwords regularly. This way you will prevent credential stuffing attacks.
  • Implement multi-factor authorization: Using a cell phone number or additional email address, make this extra step mandatory for all employees. 
  • Consider role-based authorization: Automate permissions updates for employees whose access levels change.
  • Update software regularly: Use a device policy to stay up-to-date such as BOYD or COPE.
  • Train employees on cybersecurity: Provide training on common threats to look for such as phishing, email security, and more.
  • Encrypt confidential data: Use SSL or TLS protocols to avoid data interception. Or, enable full disk encryption to protect your data in the event it gets hacked.

For more on data security, check out the infographic from Embroker. It covers the current state of data breaches, what hackers are after, and additional tips to prevent data breaches.


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