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How to Play as Annie in League of Legends

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Whenever looking for guides on Annie Counters, you must make sure that the chosen guide has been created and rated by an expert player. Such guides teach about items to build, runes for selection, tricks and tips, and finally about winning the game. It is never that easy for a beginner but gradually one can become a top-rated player of this game.

Guides for building patches can be selected based on the criteria including time score, latest edition, author ranking, etc. A great guide can definitely create a great player for this game. Before undertaking such a game, knowing about its basics, tools, purpose, and playing techniques is necessary. After gaining knowledge about the game, one can play as a beginner or learner and gradually gain command in the same. Check out LoL Fanatics for more tips on how to play as Annie.

Playing as Annie—the Balanced-Most Power Mage of Riot

So far, Annie has been considered as the balanced-most power mage of Riot. Due to her strong abilities, one can easily win if he/she gets to know once how to play her well.

Just knowing about the technicalities can lead the player to success. While playing as Annie, you can store a Pyromania stun so that it could be used for her summon -Tibbers. This will turn the tide of a team fight.

Killing blows should be struck on the minions with Disintegrate that makes Annie farm fine early in this game. To work up to the Pyromania stun of Annie, Molten Shield is a nice spell to be cast. Even, it can help to acquire 1rank at the earliest.

Use of Abilities While Playing as Annie

Disintegrate is extremely useful in the lane. Even while being at low ranks, the cooldown of Disintegrate is very short when it kills the target. With mana refund, it becomes a great farming tool. Also, this allows Annie to build Pyromania stun fast and freely until every Disintegrate is involved in killing something.  Thus undoubtedly, it makes up as a great tool for Annie whether solo or in combo.

Annie should take Incinerate at the first level rather than using Disintegrate if stun level 1 is needed for playing support. Annie builds up Pyromania stun in the base for negating mana cost. Mixed Incinerate is able to tackle more damage in comparison to Disintegrate that has higher cooldown and cost and lesser reliable farming.

Molten Shield provides Annie a fair defensive buff, it helps Annie to win the lane trades and survive in the team fights for long. Another use of Molten Shield is like a low mana cost charging tool of Pyromania. In rare cases, Molten Shield is maxed at first.

Tibbers has a larger range of stun in comparison to Incinerate and Disintegrate. That is why Annie’s Summon – Tibbers is used as engage tool of Annie most of the time. It partners with Flash and leads to stun that has long-range and is near-instant in nature.

Completely charged Pyromania acts as more valuable and so cannot be wasted on farming. When Pyromania stun is ready, most of the enemies will not come close to you. Annie’s primary burst combos includeSummon:Tibbers>Incinerate>Disintegrate and summon:Tibbers>Disintegrate>Incinerate.

Common Use of Runes While Playing as Annie

Solo lane items of Annie focus on mana/mana-regeneration, health, and ability power. Doran’s Ring is a ring item that acts as a perfect starting item for Annie and she can use all stats given by it effectively. When she is in short ranges, then extra health is useful for trades.

Dark Seal item is not recommended for the start because it is considered as dangerous, however, it pays off later in the game. Before using any items, one must be confident and fully acknowledge the same.

Shoe items are bought for improving the burst of Annie. Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Sorcerer’s Shoes are perfect buys for Annie. Ionian Boots of Lucidity help Annie when she has lesser cooldown reduction. Abyssal Mask is also considered a good buy for Annie and Void Staff item is preferred if one desires straight damage.

Once you have got a big advantage in levels over enemies or much of gold, then you can prefer to use Rabadon’sDeathcap item. It gives a huge ability power amount but since it has no options for backing up that power, therefore you will be going for a reduction in cooldown.

For the champions with a huge burst or/and high physical damage amount, Zhonya’s Hourglass is a good choice for Annie. Before you become invulnerable, Tibbers gets enraged in less than a half-second. This rage lasts till the entire invulnerability period and you can inflict notable damage during stasis.

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