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How to Navigate a Conflict At Work

Conflict at work

Effective communication skills may seem simple but they are essential when it comes to many partnerships such as real estate with potential roommates or even with co-workers in the workspace. Even with the best communication skills disagreements are bound to happen within both settings. Determining how the conflict will be resolved depends on the communication between each party.

Knowing your co-workers’ red and green communication flags help navigate how a conflict will go. Here are commonly red and green flags that may come up with resolving a conflict with a co-worker. 

3 Red Flags to Determine Your Co-workers’ Communication Skills: 

1. Dismissive of issue

  This co-worker shows little consideration for the incident. 

2. Unwilling to Discuss

While you are willing to address the situation, your co-worker is not willing to discuss where the conversation went wrong. 

3. Defensive

You brought up to your co-worker the issue but they feel like you are criticizing them.

If your coworker possesses these red flags their communication skills aren’t that good and they have no intentions of resolving the conflict. 

3 Green Flags to Determine Your Co-workers’ Communication Skills:

1. Acknowledges the problem

You and your co-worker can recognize the problem and discuss it.

2. Open Communication

Having open communication allows you both to discuss the issue so that you can figure out what went wrong. Being honest throughout the dialogue helps as well.

3. Compromise

This co-worker is willing to compromise. You all may not still be on the same page, but you both were able to communicate the issue and come to terms that you both agree on. 

If your co-worker possesses these green flags they are a healthy communicator and able to resolve conflicts. 

To continue to determine how to navigate a conflict with your co-worker based on their red and green communication flags, check out this infographic below. 

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