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How to Monitor Temperature to Kill Bacteria Like Legionella?

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The disease named Legionnaire is caused by the bacteria Legionella. It is a deadly bacteria that can be fatal for humans. People tend to have a type of pneumonia when they get exposed to this microorganism.

Legionnaire disease causes severe respiratory issues, collapsed lungs, breathing problems, and many more.

In most European countries, including the UK has a legal duty. These countries have to maintain procedures to prevent Legionella risks at any cost. People have to go through every risk evaluation regarding this disease, who are being held with responsibilities regarding this. They have to take the necessary steps to stop the growth of the disease caused by this specific bacteria.

How Legionella Can Survive and Grow?

According to many studies and reliable sources, it is known that Legionella is capable of growing and spreading in between 20 to 45 degrees Celsius. When the temperature reaches 37 degrees, the bacteria start to multiply.

When the temperature is above 45 degrees Celsius, the bacteria can be alive but it won’t be able to multiply. In a nutshell, to kill Legionella, you have to control the water temperature

What Temperatures Can kill Legionella?

It can be killed in 3 temperature levels

  1. If it stays at 65 degrees C for 2 minutes.
  2. If it stays at 60 degrees C for 32 minutes
  3. If it stays at 55 degrees C for approximately 6 hours.
  4. The bacteria will be immediately killed at 70 degrees C heat.

To monitor the temperature accurately, we have gathered information from reliable sources below. Here you will know step by step guide on how to track the water temperature to kill Legionella.

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6 Steps to Monitor the Water Temperature, to Kill the Bacteria Named Legionella

Prepare Yourself

To take necessary measures, first, you will need a thermometer that is capable of taking accurate temperature. Also keep in mind, that you should buy one which can be held easily under running water. You will use it by inserting it in a water storage tank too.

It is alright if your thermometer doesn’t have a digital display. As long as you can read the markings clearly, it will work. Take notes again and again. It will help you in the future. If you are working in the dark, always keep a torch near. In this type of situation, a mobile phone also will come handy.

Sentinel Tap

You can find the sentinel tap at the most distant spot from the boiler. This is a very important step. You need to turn the tap on and hold your thermometer in the running water for one minute. While doing that, ensure that the tip of the thermometer is perfectly being held under the water flow.

Remember that, the result of the temperature reading should be 50 degrees C. Track the result constantly and take notes every time. It is going to be your risk evaluation. If the temperature still doesn’t reach 50 degrees C, then you can try to readjust your thermometer. Maybe next time it will catch the accurate temperature you need.

Blender Valves

In the water storage tank, there is a mixer or blender valve. The purpose of having this valve is to make sure that the temperature of the water does not increase above 45 degrees C. After this step, don’t forget to keep records.

Check the Cold Water Temperature

This step is about checking the temperature of cold water storage. This step shouldn’t be skipped either. You need to start with the sentinel tap and after two minutes check what the thermometer is showing. If the result is above 20 degrees C, then you should call your plumber immediately.

Water storage tank

Those who have a cold water storage tank, for them it is equally important to check the water temperature. This will be a part of your risk assessment, like the above steps we have discussed already.

You have to remove the tank lid. Then insert the thermometer inside for one minute. The temperature should be less than 20 degrees C. If the result doesn’t come right, then consult your plumber and replace the lid accurately.

Additional Methods of Controlling

Some important additional facts are, you should test the water samples for Legionnaire disease periodically. Along with every risk evaluation, the outcome of the regularity should be enough to decide the risk factors.


Just like any other risky and deadly virus or bacteria, Legionella can be taken care of too. Technologies and medicines have made the sky limit so high that it is just a matter of time for us to solve any battle.

This guide has tried to gather necessary information about Legionella bacteria and the steps you should follow to monitor the water temperature.

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