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How To Manage Your Team Effectively

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The role of a team leader is not all smooth sailing as you might think. This job requires you to be creative, responsible, assertive, and empathetic at the same time. You should know how to motivate people and delegate tasks in order to accomplish a set of goals for your company. Sounds impossible? Brave and experienced managers are the ones who hold up the sky in the business world.

Mastering your leadership skills might take you a while. Here you can find some tips that can help you manage your team effectively:

Communicate with your Team

Some team leaders might be so busy making schedules and signing documents that they can forget about actually speaking to their colleagues. Try to regularly check in with employees to motivate them. If you want your team members to be there for you and help you with all your endeavors, you should become a part of the team and get to know everyone.

Once you learn what can motivate, inspire or discourage your colleagues, you will be able to use the right tools to get the job done.

Make sure to schedule one-on-one meetings regularly and ask people about their progress, difficulties, vision, etc. They might have brilliant ideas that you can use to improve workflow. Also, let everyone know that you are there for them. Team members should not be afraid to speak and come to you for help if needed. The culture of fear in the workplace is toxic; it makes good employees quit. Also, you might end up having a lot of problems only because your team members were afraid of telling you about their challenges before.

Beside one-on-one meetings, you should also master the art of small talk, attend corporate parties, etc.

Also, consider enrolling in a new online psychology course with James Cook University, edX, or Udemy platforms. It will help you to develop your soft skills and become an awesome leader others will respect and appreciate.

Encourage Comradery

If you want to increase productivity in your team, make sure your team members have a chance to build close professional relationships with each other. This way, people will be more eager to help each other in the workplace. To encourage comradery, invite your team for some drinks after work.

Also, take the recruiting process very seriously. You should hire people who have the same vision and easy-going characters.

Don’t ignore conflicts in your team even if you think that they are childish. No matter what kind of conflict occurs, you should get the whole story and suggest a solution.

Take Responsibility

Every effective team leader knows how to take full responsibility for their words and actions. They don’t blame others for their own mistakes and run away when it’s getting difficult. Excellent managers lead by example and are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

If you want to manage your team effectively, start making decisions. You might make a mistake on your way, even more than one and two. Find the courage to admit that you were wrong and apologize if needed. As you can understand, you will not be able to lead others if you can’t make up your mind.

Give them Feedback

No one likes to be invisible. That’s why you should do regular check-ins and provide feedback. Of course, you are not able to observe everyone and everything. However, you can ask other team members for their opinions and take notes.

Simple ‘Great job’ and ‘Thank you for your hard work’ can inspire and motivate people because everyone loves to feel needed and appreciated. Some people prefer private recognition, while others will love getting a reward in front of the team. If you decide to praise someone, take personal features into account.

Giving your team members feedback can also help them to develop personally and professionally and deliver better results.

Trust your Team Members

New leaders tend to take way too many responsibilities. Needless to say, they usually don’t have enough time to get it all done on time. If you don’t want to slow down the work of the whole team, start delegating.

Delegation is an essential skill that requires you to admit that other people can do your job as well. To delegate in the right way, you need to know your team members very well. It will allow you to give tasks to the right people.

You may want to do it all by yourself, but there is no need to spend days and nights at work.

Learn the main Principles of Persuasion

You should understand that people will not always do what you tell them to. And it’s good because every team member should be able to use their personal judgment in the workplace. What if you ask them to do something that doesn’t make sense at all? You manage the team, but it doesn’t make you the smartest person in the room.

Sometimes you will have to use the art of persuasion. It’s important to mention that persuasion is not the same as manipulation. For instance, to increase your chances of getting what you want, make sure to explain your reasons. Also, consider giving a gift in return for a person’s help (if you decide to ask someone to work a bit longer).

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