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How To Make Yourself Relevant In This Modern Age

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You might know by now how the modernization of technology has affected humanity. Almost everyone is focused on their gadgets and their social media accounts. They spend more time on it than anything else in the world. 

As someone who is getting old, you have to make sure that you are not getting behind the modernization of technology and you are still relevant in this world. 

Some who belong to the older generation, later than Generation X, Y, and Z, lose hope and think that their existence is no longer relevant to this time. This is true for people who think negatively. Your relevance all depends on you, and cannot be dictated by anyone. 

Making Yourself Relevant In This Modern Age

If you are already questioning your relevance, here are some of the things you can do to make sure that you are still relevant despite your age:


Never settle for things you know and the traditional. If you have available resources, upgrade your gadget. Some old people claim that they do not want to change phone simply because they are very comfortable with the keypad of their phone and touch screen phone is not something they want to try. 

Unlearning things that are already outdated and learning things that are in demand may not be easy but something everyone, including the older generation, should adapt to. Upgrade and never deprive yourself of a better experience just because you do not want to try. 

Do not live in the past and challenge yourself to live like you are born in the modern time, anyway, humans are inclined to be good at adapting. 

Accept the modern culture

Music, fashion, trend, and the like change from time to time, and it is recommended that you go by what is in demand. You do not need to follow it if you are not comfortable, but at least respect what today has to offer. You are still free to play the music you want to play, wear the outfit that suits you, and so on, but somehow, learn to see the beauty of what the modern world has to give. 

It is your decision to make, but without trying the modern culture, you will never know what to get from it. 

Appreciating the modern culture is all you need to do to see the beauty in it. 

Go out

There is no reason why would you keep yourself inside your home just because you are afraid of modernization. Almost everything now is automatic and modern, when you go outside of your home to visit malls, watch a movie, etc., you can see how the world was changed by technology, but needless to say, even if this is not the world you are used to, going out to explore is a must. 

Your age is not an excuse for not knowing what is new. Go out, explore and make yourself up to date with what the technology has made to your surroundings.

Use social media to your advantage

Since everyone is on social media, use it to your advantage. If there is anything you want to share, post it on social media. But always keep in mind that social media is being accessed by almost everyone, and when you post anything on it, a lot of people can read and access it. 

Yes, everyone has the right to share what is on their mind but this does not allow them to be careless and be irresponsible in what they have to say. People need to uphold respect and humanity all the time. Be relevant, make your voice be heard by using social media. 

Proper self management is something you have to instill in yourself if you want to remain relevant whatever generation it may be. 

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