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How to Make Your Company Relevant in a Digital World

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Digital Marketing

The digital era of marketing has meant that the way we market has changed.  If we look back in history, marketing 1.0 was about the product and the infamous 4 P’s made famous by Philip Kotler; people, place, price and product, place.  Later the slogan, “the customer is always right”, became the focus of marketing 2.0 which is consumer-orientated and customer-centric.  In marketing 3.0 this shifted towards values-driven marketing, appealing to the emotions and values of the customer.  In recent times, the digital age has created a marketing 4.0 which can be considered a blend of all the marketing strategies but with a significant move from traditional marketing media to multi-channel digital delivery.  But in this digital space, there is a new way of competing for attention and being noticed amongst the crowd of competitors.

Understand That it’s Complicated

One can say that marketing is far more specialized and complex than in days gone by.  It’s not just about product, but about customers, values and getting the right message out there in the right way.  Understanding the culture of your audience means using a professional marketing company Australia.  Even more preferable is if the company you decide to use is experienced in marketing to your specific target audience.

Gain Knowledge From What You Measure

Digital marketing is far more measurable than traditional marketing.  Some of the standard metrics used in measuring online marketing are; discovering the keywords that bring a viewer onto your site, how long a viewer stays on your page.  Analytical tools have become more and more advanced.  The reports gained from the analytics and measurements put in place can equip your marketing team with specific insights.  These insights can guide the required adjustments to the company marketing strategy and strengthen its impact.

Do Extensive Research on Your Target Group

No target audience is the same and each group has its only language, values, styles, and preferences.  The better you know your audience, the easier it will be to engage and solicit action.  Also understand age relevant marketing approaches, don’t assume that what works for one age group works for the other.  Young people want to be able to relate to the product and they need it to appeal to them in the right way.  Older people won’t always understand the jargon and trending catch-phrases of the youth, and your marketing efforts will be lost on them.

You Can Reach More With Less

Because of the vast interconnectedness of the internet and the reality that essentially everything that is on the internet is accessible by everyone and anyone, this gives you much more bang for the buck.  But, having greater reach isn’t all it’s cut out to be.  When digital marketing first kicked off, reach was all that it was about.  But we have since learned that this can be negative as well as positive and that the quality of the reach is often more important than the numbers.

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