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How to Make Your Brand Stand out in 2020—5 Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

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Operating a business in 2020 is much different from doing it 30 or 40 years ago. Technology and improved communication systems created a global platform. The advantage is that many industries can now draw customers from almost anywhere in the world. But unfortunately, this privilege comes with a few challenges:

  • You have to contend with many more competitors.
  • Tech advances lead to regular changes in marketing techniques, and if you want your brand to be known as a market leader you need to keep up with these changes.
  • Your audience is inundated with marketing to such an extent that they start ignoring a lot of it. Your challenge is to get your brand noticed amid the information overload.

Don’t get disheartened. We compiled an updated list of techniques to help you boost your brand marketing in 2020. Incorporate some of these into your advertising campaign and you’ll enjoy the results 12 months from now. 

Visual is STILL Vital

This tip has been around for a while, but it’s still as important as ever: use attractive visual components in your marketing because the text isn’t enough.

Visual elements such as images and videos are effective in building your brand because they’re more likely to attract attention than simple text. Also, the human brain processes images faster than it processes what you read. Even if your target audience doesn’t look at your marketing for a long time, you can still make a huge impact if you use visual elements.

Social Media Isn’t Enough—Are Your Messaging Yet?

Since a few years ago social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are vital mediums to communicate about your brand. But don’t simply share your marketing content; make sure you use it to engage with your audience.

Modern consumers have an innate need to connect with service providers. Use messaging features on social media platforms. This shows you’re interested in their feedback and they’ll be more loyal to your brand than a competitor’s who seems distant and clinical.

Can You Prove You’re Authentic?

Part of communicating with your audience is to show that you’re authentic and that your brand stays true to the values you proclaim. This is an effective branding tool because consumers are more loyal to brands they can trust. And when you prove you’re authentic and trustworthy, you’re the brand they’ll stick with.

Remember, marketing your brand is not only about sharing your logo or message; the actual goal is to transform each person into a loyal supporter of your brand. Why? Because it costs much more to keep on marketing to a new audience than simply making sure your existing clientele keeps on supporting you. Use branding techniques to create and nurture your network of clients.

Get Associated with Influencers

Here’s another technique to spark trust in your audience: associate with others your audience members know and love.

One day you may be the market leader that others turn to for advice in your industry. But while you’re building your brand you need to gain respect by association. A few ideas to make this work for you in 2020:

  • Invite market leaders to post an article on your website.
  • Join online forums where you can engage with influencers.
  • Host webinars where an influencer will host a certain session.
  • As an influencer to give an honest review of your product or service.

Remember to use images of the influencer in your marketing, because as we stated, visual marketing works.

Make People Used to Your Brand

An important part of branding is to make people used to seeing your logo, your slogan and company colors. The resulting familiarity with these elements can lead to more respect and trust in your company.

To create momentum for this process, add digital signage solutions to your marketing campaign. Make sure your brand is showcased where your audience is most likely to encounter it. Examples include LCD screens in airports or TVs in local restaurants if you want to connect with consumers close to you.

If you own a brick and mortar store or a restaurant, you can make sure visitors associate a positive customer experience with your brand. Use screens to provide them with important information such as product details or nutritional information of dishes.


Ready to get started? Remember, it’s imperative you stay up to date with digital signage solutions and other modern marketing techniques. Prove to your audience that you’re THE brand to support in 2020.

Have more tips for other business leaders? Please share them below.

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