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How To Make It Through Winter While Working Remotely

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Winterizing your home can be a tough job, especially when you live in a cold climate. It can be an even bigger challenge when you work remotely and spend all of your time at home. The last thing you want is for your office space to become a distraction because you’re freezing.

When you spend pretty much all of your time at home, winterizing should be a priority. Now is a perfect time to get a head start on preparing your property. In doing so, you’ll stay safe, warm, comfortable, and successful all season long.

Let’s take a closer look at a few things you can do to keep your home warm, stay motivated during dark and gloomy days, and protect your items in storage from harsh winter weather.

Keep Your Space Comfortable

Depending on where you live, your winter months can be cold, dreary, and dark. There’s often less daylight, and it can be hard to stay motivated, warm, and happy. You might even be one of the many Americans who deal with seasonal depression. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your remote workspace cozy and comfortable this season.

Start by designating an office space for yourself if you don’t already have one. You will need to buy office furniture, work supplies, and a chair to get your office started. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a full room, but it should be a space free from other distractions in the home. At the same time, keep your office decorated with things that inspire you to find motivation and comfort. You can also control things like the temperature, buy office furniture, and how much natural light you let in each day.

If your office isn’t in its own room and you’re set up in the kitchen, den, or even your bedroom, you can take extra steps to winterize your home and boost your comfort level by:

  • Revitalizing your HVAC system;
  • Insulating your attic;
  • Weatherstripping the windows and doors;
  • Sealing outlets.

If you tend to get distracted with cleaning during work, it might also be a good idea to make sure your space is free from clutter before your “office” hours. If you have limited time before and after your working hours, however, this can become an issue.

The best way to maintain a space’s cleanliness with little time is to utilize organization and storage methods. Closets, attics, and crawl spaces are all great options for storage, but make sure to properly protect your belongings if they’re in areas that could get cold or wet. Use stackable totes to keep things from getting damaged, and you won’t have to worry about those belongings.

Having a distraction-free and comfortable workplace will make it easier to stay focused and appreciate the freedom of working from home. If you haven’t already taken steps to prepare your property, consider starting soon.

Stay Productive With a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Productivity can be a struggle when you’re working from home. It’s tempting to stay in your pajamas, sleep in, and get to work whenever you feel like it. Unfortunately, that can lead to a lot of extra stress and may even off your work-life balance. In the winter, when some people are more prone to stress and depression, it’s more important than ever to strike that balance.

This balance can be even harder if you’re in school or taking online courses while trying to work a full-time job.

One of the best ways to find a balance is by sticking to a routine. It’s not always easy to motivate yourself when it gets dark so early and the mornings are gray and cold. However, by going to sleep around the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning, you’ll be more equipped to stabilize your circadian rhythm and feel better about the day ahead.

Your routine should also include specific working hours each day. Not only will having a “work schedule” keep you more productive throughout the day, but you’ll be able to look forward to spending time with family members and friends, or just relaxing by yourself when those hours are over.

However, you should also prioritize relaxation and breaks throughout your work hours. Breaks might not seem like they would boost productivity, but they’re essential for staying on top of your classes and work while maintaining a healthy social life.

It’s so important not to let your workdays drag into the night, especially during the winter. If you do, you’ll risk burning out quickly, and you could end up not only risking your job, but your overall well-being.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is always important, but it’s especially necessary during the winter. Coughs and colds are more common, it’s peak flu season, and if you’re prone to seasonal depression or just feeling “down” during those colder months, self-care can make a big difference in your work and personal lives.

Start by getting outside as often as possible. Yes, it might be cold, but soaking in even a few minutes of vitamin D each day can boost your mood, give you energy, and help with creativity and productivity. You can boost your energy and well-being even more by getting active outside. Try a winter sport or activity like:

  • Ice Skating;
  • Cross-country skiing;
  • Sledding;
  • Snow-shoeing;
  • Hiking.

Make sure you’re eating healthy meals, taking frequent breaks, and prioritizing rest. Self-care looks different for everyone. As long as you focus on doing things every day designed to promote your physical and mental health, you’re doing it right.

Working remotely in winter doesn’t have to be a struggle. Keep these ideas in mind to prepare yourself and your home, and you’ll be able to stay productive, well-rested, and happy throughout the season.

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