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How To Look After Your MacBook


Your MacBook is your baby, a digital partner, and embodies your digital life. So naturally you would like to look after it. Below are some suggestions and tips that I wish I knew about much earlier.


Do anything to prolong your MacBook’s battery life. Set your energy saver preferences to the desired optimal. This will make the time between charging periods longer. “When should you charge your MacBook?” This is a very important question because it affects your MacBook’s maximum battery capacity. If you frequently charge your MacBook when it is low on capacity, then you will quickly lower its lithium battery’s maximum capacity. Waiting until your MacBook’s battery life is 10% or lower, will harm it. A good practice to get into is that you charge your MacBook when battery capacity reaches 40%.


The Outside

Every week your MacBook deserves a clean. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe all MacBook surfaces, carefully not letting liquid pool in any nooks and crannies. What always seems to be tricky is cleaning the keyboard keys. The first time I tried to clean them, I removed the first two keys and could not reattach them – yeah not a good idea. Between and under the keys is one of the dirtiest places in the household. All you need to clean them is some post-its. This paper thin adhesive is able to get between the keys and underneath them. If you haven’t tried it before, then you are in for a shock!

Your HDD

Every time you do a spring cleaning – reformat your MacBook’s HDD. This will get rid of any errors and improves performance. If you backup your data regularly, then reformatting your MacBook will be a breeze, – thanks to iCloud and TimeMachine.


… Place Your MacBook on Soft Surfaces

Do not place your MacBook on a soft surface made of a material, like a pillow or bedspread, while it’s powered on. Why? Because your MacBook may overheat. Any soft material surface traps and absorbs heat, hindering the effectiveness of the airflow vents in circulating warm air away from the MacBook; increasing the risk of overheating. Place your MacBook on a solid surface and/or a lap desk to prevent overheating and excessive battery drain.

… Flood or Scratch Your MacBook

To properly clean your MacBook all you need is a damp cloth. The catch is that you can’t just use any old cloth with any sort of liquid. Never ever spray liquid directly onto the MacBook.  Furthermore, don’t use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives to clean your MacBook. Lightly apply water or a specific product cleaner (ask your nearest iStore for their recommended brand) to a soft, lint-free cloth – don’t use paper towels or old t-shirts.


To get your full money’s worth from your MacBook, you can’t treat it like a disposable pen or a piece of furniture. With the correct preparation, you will extend your valuable MacBook’s life by years. A MacBook is a tool that you and I use to do the things we do. Learn to love it, and it will love you back.

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