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How To Increase Traffic To Your Site? 

Website Traffic

Every entrepreneur who creates a representative office on the Internet (in other words, a website) hopes that the online segment of the business will bring new customers, which means additional profit. The problem is that the site (by itself) will not become visited (unless you sell something unique that everyone needs and no one else offers it). In all other cases, you need to think about attracting traffic to the site, and – especially note – targeted traffic.

 What is targeted traffic to a website? These are people who are interested in purchasing your product (or ordering services). After all, you can “catch up” on your web resource completely “left” users. The traffic numbers will be nice, but there will be no more orders. So, good commercial traffic of the target type is the basis of success. Where can I get it?

Sources of traffic to the site

1. Internal website optimization and its subsequent SEO promotion.

2. Contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords, and other similar systems.

3. Targeted advertising in social networks + advertising in specialized groups in social networks, where your audience may be.

4. Display and banner advertising on the visited sites of the Runet.

5. Work on forums, blogs (comments that persuade visitors to this site to buy your products or services).

How to increase traffic to your site?

You wish to increase traffic to your site here are some tips other than visiting for more tips.

Social media advertising is an interesting option, but not suitable for every type of business. For example, everything is more or less clear with clothes or shoes, makeup or toastmaster services, decisions in the field of landscape design, or consultations of a child psychologist. But in “social networks” it will not be possible to sell tractors for agriculture, metal-working machines, oil and gas equipment, high-tech online solutions for medium and large companies.

SEO promotion will give results very soon, everyone knows about this. Advertising on the forums (daily participation in discussions, writing a large number of comments) will take too much time – there will be no strength and desire to engage in your business.

The best option is contextual advertising. Yes, this requires investment, because ads will be shown only when the advertising service has money to pay for clicks. No budget, no clicks. There are no clicks to your site. But if the clicks pay off, if new customers bring in more profit than you put into the context, why not give it a try?

Does it scare you that you need to master the interfaces of Yandex? Direct and Google AdWords services, but this is not easy? There are many settings, and it is not always clear which of them are important, which are not? What is better to change and what to leave “by default?” This is a serious argument, but you shouldn’t be afraid, really 🙂 There is an excellent solution for beginners.

What are its advantages and unique features? Rekmala makes it possible to manage contextual advertising in Yandex. Direct and Google AdWords from one place (either one or the other, or both at once). You only need to learn one interface – the Advertising service. In addition, the interface is simplified – especially for beginners. A minimum of settings (you specify only the most important), the service does the rest on its own. By the way, this will save you time – no need to sit at the monitor every hour and “move the bids” of clicks in Yandex.Direct and AdWords after your competitors. The service itself determines the most favorable price for clicks in order to save budget and attract as much targeted traffic as possible at the lowest cost.

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