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How to Improve Your Business Website Conversion Rate

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It’s one thing to have a business website, and it’s another to have a high converting business website. Here’s how to improve your website conversion rate.

How do you view your website?

Is it a catch-all for people who are interested in your business?

Do you see it as a part of your marketing efforts?

Your website presents a huge opportunity for your business that you may be missing. Your website is really a lead generation machine. People go to your website, learn more about your business, decide if they want more information, and become a lead. It’s also called website conversion or website conversion rate.

It seems very simple, but there’s a lot to creating a website that’s set up for conversion. Each piece has to work together to get someone to convert.

Read on to learn how you can improve your site’s conversion rate and increase your leads and sales.

1. The Call to Action

Does your site have a call to action? People won’t convert unless you tell them the specific action you want to take.You want to have 1 or 2 very specific actions to take. If you offer visitors too many options, they’ll take zero action.A call to action has to stand out on your website and be direct. The color and font are going to be important choices. They have to capture the attention of someone browsing your site while maintaining a good user experience.Some sites resort to using popups to convert people to leads. Be wary of popups because it could detract from the user experience.

2. Design Your Site for Conversions

Is your website designed to increase conversions? A lot of websites are designed using templates, which isn’t bad, and they make life a lot easier. The problem with templates is that they treat your site like a static 5-page informational site. They aren’t designed to take prospects on a journey that leads to them taking an action. Custom web design can make a huge difference in getting your site visitors to click because it’s created for sales.

3. Use Powerful Headlines

Can someone tell what your business is about within 5 seconds of visiting your site? You can tell them by using a powerful headline in the main header on your home page. This is a way to introduce your company in just a few words. Those few words have to be carefully crafted because you have to get across what you do and the reason why someone should stick around on your site. That’s not easy to do in one sentence.

4. Don’t Lose Your Sales in Details

Some websites are full of text. There’s nothing in the site design to break up that wall of text. What usually happens is that you’re trying to explain everything about your business. You have too many details and you wind up losing potential customers in the process. Focus on what’s in it for the customer. Not just the features and the benefits of your product or services, but the emotional result they’ll get out of it.

For example, a fitness center could mention confidence as an emotional result. An insurance company can offer peace of mind. Your job is to understand what you offer customers and find a way to communicate that clearly and succinctly.

5. Offer Social Proof

You can tell people how great your business is. Will anyone believe you? Some will, others will need more convincing. Social proof is a powerful tool to add to your site. What is social proof? Testimonials, reviews, and success stories from people who have done business with you.

Think about it, would you buy a product that had zero reviews versus one that had dozens of positive reviews? Probably not. People trust online reviews and they want to see them before making a decision. If you want to improve your conversion rate, make sure you offer proof. 

6. Target the Right People

One reason why websites don’t convert as they should is that they’re attracting the wrong audience.

For example, if you have a website where your call to action is to book an appointment, you need to drive people who are ready to book an appointment. They’re in the latter stages of the buying cycle.

Now, if there’s an article on your site that’s getting the bulk of the traffic that’s targeted towards people who are doing research, they’re not going to book an appointment. They’re not ready to. They’ll be more interested in downloading a guide that will get them closer to making a buying decision.

In other words, your call to action has to match where your customers are at. If you’re targeting people early in the buying cycle, they won’t call to book an appointment. They’ll get the information they need and leave.

7. Speed Up Your Website

There’s a link between website speed and the conversion rate. The faster the website, the higher the conversion rate. Your audience isn’t willing to wait for your site to load and they will leave.

How can you make your site faster? If you have a custom web design, make sure that you work with a firm that places a big emphasis on performance as much as they do the design.

You want to test the speed of your site using tools like GT Metrix and Google’s Page Speed Insights. These reports will tell you if your site is slow and what needs to be done to speed it up.

8. Create an Innovative Business Model-

The more innovative your business is, the more likely is it to offer people something new. This means that you can use digital technology to create something simple and give it an entirely new spin.

Innovative business models have a huge advantage when it comes to scaling up the business. They are also great if you need to raise capital from investors. Apart from building social credibility to increase conversion rates, you should try to also focus on how great your business model is.

The key is to create recession proof business models. Think about how Amazon and Facebook have added to their valuation and have grown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boost Your Website Conversion Rate Now

Your website is really the center of your business. It’s where people will wind up when they’re doing research or if they’re looking for products or services. The job of your website is to convert those visitors to leads and then sales. There are things that you can do to boost the website conversion rate.

You can improve your site’s performance, target the right people, use calls to action, and have a site that is designed to drive results. Don’t wait to focus on website conversions. You’re losing too much business already. Take the steps to turn your site into a lead generator. Visit this site often for more local news.

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