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How to Improve Your Bottom Line with Well-Chosen Outside Services

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Are you using outside services to ease your workload and improve profitability?  Small business owners can reap ample gains with a few well-chosen additions to their lineup of resources.  Read on for some of the best options and ideas available.

Create a website

If your company doesn’t have a website yet, it’s time to invest in one!  Regardless of how small your business is, some experts feel a website is crucial to a company’s success.  People are spending more time on the web than ever, and it’s often the first place shoppers look when deciding how to spend their money.  Look to a web design company to put together an effective website for you, or you can use a website builder and create your own, DIY-style.

Build brand recognition

Are you making good use of social media?  Oberlo suggests directly advertising with websites like Adwords or Facebook can provide an immediate rise in sales.  Since some statistics indicate billions of people are using social media these days, it’s an inexpensive and effective marketing avenue.  By learning the ins and outs of social media advertising, you can quickly enhance brand recognition, build your customer base, and trigger increased revenue. 

Simplify payment methods

The last thing you want is for a customer to fill a shopping cart with goodies, and then bail out of purchasing because your system is too challenging to navigate.  Technology is influencing how people pay for things, and customers are expecting things to be quick and easy.  GoEmerchant points out current trends focus on features like mobility, security, and automation.  Make sure you’re using a clean online payment method and have a modern, secure, and easy-to-use credit card machine for in-person purchases. 

Lighten your bookkeeping

They say time is money, and if you’re bogged down with crunching numbers and tallying spreadsheets, chances are your time and energy could be put to better use, like developing ideas and connecting with potential clients.  Consider employing a well-chosen app to lighten your bookkeeping burden.  Another solution is to hire a gig worker.  Outsourcing reduces your workload without adding to your permanent staff.  It’s a great way to handle your routine accounting needs, and a chance to hire skilled expertise on an as-needed basis. 

Raise the bar on customer service

Customers drive the heartbeat of all businesses, and ensuring yours are happy is the best way to retain and grow your customer base.  With that in mind, explore customer service apps which could enhance overall customer satisfaction.  For example, Olark tells you more about who visits your website, what they look at, and what items end up in their shopping carts.  Aircall meshes with your existing systems and farms out calls to various teams so none get missed.  Groove can turn your email inbox into a customer service center.  There is an abundance of options worthy of consideration, so read reviews to help you decide on what will work well for your company. 

Enhance communication

Are you still relying on emails and the company intranet to connect with members of your team?  There are several communication apps designed especially for businesses, which offer important benefits and raise the bar on communication.  You can connect from anywhere with choices like Slack and Hipchat, manage tasks with RedBooth, and Skype allows you to conduct meetings from virtually anywhere.  Broadening lines of communication with more on-the-go functionality allows for better productivity, streamlining efforts and helping you to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

All business owners naturally want to improve their bottom line.  Sometimes, engaging outside services can make a big impact, whether in the form of equipment, apps, or personnel.  Examine where you could improve efficiency and productivity, and engage some smart solutions. 

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